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World War Two Was The Result Of The Aggression And Ambition Of Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

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World War Two Was the Result of the Aggression and Ambition of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party

The causes of the Second World War at bottom relate to the rise of
distinction of two powers and the relative decline of another. Those
that rise to distinction were Germany and Japan that - Which declined
was Britain. Germany and Japanonce that were ultimately prepared were
now ready to alter the power structures in there perspective areas by
force. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi ideologies were fascists or the more
generalised term of government, Nazism. They were for a leadership
approach, glorifying violence and war. With the Italian Fascists with
the Germans, they provided the impulse which drove Europe into war.
However they would have to get passed the treaty of Versailles and the
League of Nations. Hitler would have to sign a deal under Chamberlain,
where Hitler could only take back the rein land that was thought to be
rightfully there's. In no circumstances was Hitler able to build up an
aggressive army as Woodrow suggested in the forming of the League.
There is no doubt that Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany were very
ambitious. When Hitler came in May 1933, less than six months after
the Nazi seizure of Power, Hitler gave his first speech on foreign
policy. He admitted that Germany had reason to be dissatisfied with
the Versailles Peace Treaty, but did not mention the Possibility of
war. Hitler claimed that his government stood for stability and peace
in Europe and he denied any territorial ambitions. As we all know this
did not happen. It is essential in Nazi foreign policy not to lose
sight in the key elements of Hitler's ideas, which were based on his
belief of Social Darwinism and ideologies. There is no doubt that
Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party had strict principles on foreign
policy which contributed to the major cause of World War Two.

The Nazi Party was founded in 1919. For much of the 1920's it was an
insignificant party. Lead by Adolph Hitler, it had policies including
racialist extreme, the destruction of the treaty at Versailles, Living
space for Germany (particularly in the East), the end of a Weimar
Republic and a Social Revolution.

In 1923, Hitler and his followers failed to take power by force and
was imprisoned in Lansbach Castle, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My
Struggle) Setting out his main ideas. In the 1928 Election the Nazi's
performed very poorly polling only 2.6% of the vote. However, five
years later Hitler was Chancellor as Germany. The reasons are for as

· Economic Collapse

· Nazi Organisation and Tactics

· Role of Establishment

The Nazi Party wanted a race for dominance. Many great empires had
risen and fallen and now Hitler made a bid fro dominance by exploiting
lesser races along the way such as the Jews. The first step in the

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