Worldview Essay

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Worldview Essay
Today’s society consists of many worldviews. Most people tend to pull beliefs from different religions, but often stick to one main worldview. A worldview to me is the gathering of beliefs that shape what we do on a daily basis and forms our overall view on life. When I look at my beliefs critically, I am able to see my worldview and see how it compares to different worldviews, but also how it compares mainly to the Christian Worldview.
My view of God is very similar to the non-denomination Christian Worldview. I believe that God is an omnipotent Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that oversees the entire universe. I believe that God created everything in his image, including man. Because He rules over everything, it is He that I look to for forgiveness, assistance, and gratefulness. I am able to approach Him about anything because, ultimately, God’s love is never-ending. In 1 Corinthians 13:13, the Bible tells us that the greatest out of faith, hope, and love, is love, and in 1 John 4:19, it says, “We love because He first loved us.” I look to Him for forgiveness because He is a merciful God as “His mercy extends to those who fear Him” (Luke 1:50, NIV).
The question of what is a human being is extremely complex, but we are given the unique ability to be able to think about it. I believe that “God created mankind in His own image” and because of that, He created them perfect (Genesis 1:1, NIV). God placed man on the Earth to rule over the land and to spread the Word of God to the far corners of the world. Religions are almost all based around theories about what happens after someone dies. I believe that when someone dies, they are faced with the judgment of Christ who then determines if that person has kept faith in Him and has lived a life for God. If the person has faith and believes that Jesus came down and died to save us from our sins and they acknowledge a need for that, then they are able to go to Heaven. If not, they are condemned to hell.
The nature of the universe is something that very few worldviews can agree on. Many peoples’ worldviews are mainly concerned with materialistic things because there is no supernatural being; it is merely an arrangement of particles. However, I believe that the universe is an illusion (Cosgrove, 2006, p. 30). To me, it is an illusion that is able to leave us to a life and afterlife filled with God. What makes the difference is what a person truly believes in at the end. Whether someone believes in a materialistic universe or the illusion of the universe that leads to a God-filled life decides how he or she lives his or her life. Personally, I believe all that matters in the end is God and my faith in Him.
The question of how I know what I know is a question that is one of the most difficult I have encountered. Much of what I know is based on logic and thinking. This is where I may veer off of the Christian Worldview slightly. I believe that God has given...

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