My Views On God And The Nature Of The Universe

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A worldview is an opinion on how you see society as a whole. Each person’s worldview is impacted by their culture, religion, family friends, etc. I am a Pentecostal Christian and a Romanian and these two aspects impact my worldview immeasurably. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and He died on the cross for each person on this Earth. Even though each person has sinned and turned their backs on God countless times, Christ was always there for us no matter what we did. His love is greater than any love we have ever encountered and His grace is immensely great. How do we know who God is and the nature of the universe, what is our purpose and what happens when we die, and how do we know right from wrong are some of the main question people ask themselves.
God is unknown and more complicated than our brains could ever comprehend. There only description we understand about God is his characteristics. God is loving, wise, graceful, merciful, my savior, a judge, perfect, never changing, a King who watches over His kingdom, and He is also just. One popular question people ask is, “If there really is a God, then why does He let bad things happen?” When God created humans, we were perfect, but we also had free will. To retain free will God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:9 NIV). Eating its fruit would allow sin to enter the Earth and since Adam and Eve both ate the fruit, the nature of the universe turned from good and perfect to sin and evil (Genesis 3 NIV). Sin was brought into this world and it has made us into selfish people, horrible people, murders, etc. God can not step in and control our actions for the same reason He put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden: freewill. Even though we live is sin and are condemned to Hell, God could not let that happen so He gave us a second chance.
Human beings are created by God, but instead of God speaking us into existence, He formed us with His own hands and breathed into us with His own breath (Genesis 1:27 NIV). If one does not believe that there is a God and more to death than just dying in a whole, then life is pointless. If one believe's there is a God who has created them for a reason then life has purpose. He gave us a purpose to live and that is to follow Him and give glory to Him in everything we do (Kelsey, 2012). When we die, we are judged by God and we either go to heaven or hell. What determines this is if we believe Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose again, and through Christ we are able to have a relationship with God (Kelsey, 2012).
People ask why I believe in Christ and how I know that everything in the Bible is true and they are astounded when they hear my answer. First, believing that there is a God, believing that there is no God, and believing that there are many gods all have one thing in common: faith. Without faith, how can we believe or not believe in something? If a person says, “I have no faith in you,” what exactly...

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