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Worldview Essay

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Everyone has different beliefs no matter what religion. They can have the same religion and have different beliefs in their worldview. Some people are not as religious as others even if they follow the same religion. I am going to explain my beliefs by looking at God, creation, faith, purpose, and life.
God is our loving Father who is looking over us. He is caring and created this world for a reason. We would not be here today if it weren’t for God. God is good and gives us what we deserve. It is important that we live a good life and God will treat us with care. “And He’s good all the time—not just once in a while or when things go your way” (Meyer, n.d.). This demonstrates that God will ...view middle of the document...

d.). He took his time and thought about how to create it. He gave life to a world and let it change over time. The creation took God seven days, and he created a whole universe with life. He created the earth and gave it everything it needed to sustain life. It was a successful creation and God is the reason we are here today.
I believe one knows what one knows by experience. Honestly I believe that we really do not know what is true until we see it happen, or we experience it. “Each of us knows many things we learned on our own” (Lester, 1995). We have to experience it to actually know what we know. Other than that, we put our trust in other people that give us information. We trust what they say is right. We have to have faith in what we believe is true, otherwise we wouldn’t believe anything.
We do not totally know what is right and wrong, but when it comes to our morals we do know what is good and bad. We know that it is right to be good and wrong to be bad. Yet people are still bad. I believe that everyone has a different view on what is right and wrong. Based on our individual morals we know what is right and wrong in our mind. “We believe some things are wrong and others are right, and we can get very upset when we see unethical behaviour cause harm and distress” (“How Do We Know”, n.d.). What we believe defines who we truly are and shows how we choose to live our lives.
Life has a purpose. God created us for a reason. I believe that we were created to live a good life, and to serve and lead others. I believe that God gave us an opportunity to live, so we need to prove to him that we deserve to be here. “… [we need] human values that provide evidence of caring” (The Purpose, n.d.). We are here to live a good life and support others. We were brought to this world in order to live life to its full potential. I believe that we have to be a good person and that everyone should prove to themselves that they are good and live by their morals. Our purpose is to impact the world in some way.
I have many commitments that are consistent with my worldview. I believe that I have to live a good life and have an impact in this world. “a willingness to reach out and make a difference,...

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