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Worldview Identified Essay

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Worldview Identified
There are a variety of worldviews and cultures within the world. Everything ranging from atheism to buddhism, hinduism, christian theism and everything in between. My personal worldview is that of an agnostic; I do not affirm the existence of god however I also do not deny the existence. Throughout my life I have been raised muslim, however it was not until the beginning of my adolescence that I realized that islam is not the faith that I truly follow. For me, it required copious amounts of introspection, of attempting to find what faith I fall under. Currently, I am still not entirely sure what my current faith is, therefore I consider myself an agnostic.
According to Christian theism, and the Holy Bible, God is the omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent being. God created all of existence, man, woman, everything that the world encompasses. Moreover, God is part of the holy trinity, the Son, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Christian theism regards God as a loving, caring, wise, all powerful and just God. Compared to my own worldview, there is definity, a finality. In every theistic faith i.e., Islam, Judaism, Christianity there is but one God. Furthermore, God is relationship, what is good and right is based on God’s good and right character. However, compared to my personal worldview, God does not have definitive characteristics, good and right character, according to myself, aren’t necessarily associated with God’s character. Additionally, I believe that any individual may work towards becoming a better person, without a faith, whether it be Christianity or Judaism or anything in between.
Human beings, according to Christian theism, are created beings; humans have physical bodies with a soul and spirit. Furthermore, humans have the ability of reasoning and the ability to choose. Having these abilities are essential in that humans may accept guidance or deny it, in a sense seek their own path. Human value is of utmost importance in the Christian theistic faith, as humans are God’s most valuable creation. As stated in the Bible, after a person dies they are sent to one of three destinations. Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. Heaven is the realm of God and his angels, a place of plenty and peace. On the other hand, Hell is a place of eternal damnation, a place of fire and brimstone, torture and malice. Compared to my own worldview, there is confusion as to where someone goes when they die. There is no definitive place, or answer that I have for this particular question, as no one has come back from their death to explain what death is like.
The nature of the universe, in the Christian theistic view, is one of both spirituality and the physical realm. There are two types of knowledge, special and general revelation. In general revelation, the knowledge of the physical world is explained; special revelation is knowledge regarding the spiritual dimension. In Christian theism, people are part of both worlds, and derive knowledge...

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