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Global Communication Benchmarking: Federal Express In Global Wireless Networking

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Individual Global Communications Benchmarking: Federal Express in Global Wireless NetworkingGlobal Communication (GC) includes technology, information technology, the speed of communication, reduction in trade barriers, transportation systems and other effects on multinational corporations. The GC presents how technology has influenced the individual, society, and the media. Communication and information technologies have a direct relationship to the development of so few media empires (Information Technology and The media, 2007).Every industry has unique business demands and Federal Express understands that providing services that help meet the business objectives is essential. The business is faced with economic issues, competitive pressures and challenging industry trends that impact the strategic objectives. That is why Federal Express developed a set of solutions based on in-depth knowledge of the business, designed to provide the information to help make strategic business decisions.Federal Express became successful so quickly because all their competition became weaker at the same time. Today, Federal Express has over 143,000 workers worldwide, and delivers more than 3 million express packages to 200 countries daily. One major change has affected Federal Express. In January of 1998, Federal Express changed to FDX Corporation (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007).FDX Corporation now includes Federal Express, Roadway Packaging Systems (RPS), Viking Freight, Robert Express, and Caliber Logistic. Even though FDX owns all these companies, Federal Express still remains independent (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007).FDX's strategy is to corroborate on selling and synergies for all FDX companies, but run operations separately and keep each company's strengths and markets separate (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007). Therefore, some information will be about FDX, but most will be for Federal Express as its own company. For example, Frederick Smith, the founder of Federal Express is now the Chief Executive Officer of FDX. Federal Express CEO is currently Theodore Weise (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007).Federal Express has five strategies that govern business tactics. There are to improve service levels, lower unit cost, establish international leadership and sustain profitability, get closer to the customer, and maintain the People-Service-Profit Philosophy (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007).FDX is focused on three primary growth strategies. A collaborative sales process that leverages their share of customer relationships, aggressive global marketing of the board FDX portfolio to targeted prospective customers, and a strategic application of information systems to reduce cost and improve customer access and connectivity (Fedex Case Analysis, 2007).Federal Express' competitors include: United Parcel Service (UPS), Airborne Express, Emery Worldwide, DHL Worldwide, Bax Global, and United States Postal Services. Federal Express holds a 46.5% share of the market, the largest portion, with...

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