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Global Culture Worldview Essay

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Global culture tied with knots unimaginable manifests such a peculiar blend of unity and diversity. Civilization seemingly thousands of miles part manifest marvelous similarities yet within five miles there will be cognizable differences. These are the factors which construct the personality of the whole culture and are carried as an eternal flow.
Worldviews enable a society and related individuals to perceive and analyze an event or product in a particular way. In simple terms it can be understood like the point of view of a certain group and nationality of people. Nation is more of a cultural idea so the idea of worldview can be found more and more associated with the nation rather than with a state. However the effects are observed across a political unit and in fact it helps in uniting the structure of a state in a peculiar way.
In the study conducted by Fitznor (1998) and Gill (2002) it has been concluded that indigenous worldviews are result of people’s close relationship with their environment. Geographical attributes influences every aspect of the orientation.
History of societal function has been a history of modifications and arbitration in these factors. This paper intend to point out in brief differences and similarities among the worldviews of various cultures.
Worldviews are also dominated by the states influencing the territorial boundaries. It has been true for the worldviews developed in the past. It is also true in the modern cognitive way. Little bear (2000) noticed a clash of worldviews and maintained argument to manage them in a way that the worldviews different from the dominating one are also taken into account. Despite this it cannot be ascertained whether worldviews are solely attributes of local circumstances and if not how much contribution does the foreign attributes may make.
Overall it can be conveniently stated that local beliefs contribute the most in cultural worldview formation and these beliefs are mostly the product of the surrounding. These beliefs internalized and manifested become the part of the particular worldview.
The worldviews and the related sociological parameters can be described based on various factors.
Many philosophers have argued and established a definite link between the language and the worldview formation. Humboldt argues that language is like a creative adventure of mankind. In his belief culture, language and communities in such capacities emerged simultaneously.
In his view language provides a community a sort of prison house in which the fancies of a community are to be contained unless an external help. Although he maintains difference between worldviews and linguistic determinism. Worldviews however constrained by linguistic attributes are not constrained in itself while linguistic determinism makes us consider our linguistic characteristics as a constraint.
The importance of the language in the concept of world views is such that the discussion about worldviews is...

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