Worldwide Denial Of Global Warming Essay

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Worldwide Denial of Global Warming

As human beings, we need to respect the environment in which we live. This is important to greater our future and that of others to follow. Very few people realize that their daily behaviors have a direct impact on the environment, the atmosphere in particular. By emitting harmful gasses into the air on a daily basis is one of the main reasons of such climate changes. People notice such changes and yet don't do anything to help the situation. Wee don't realize the risks that such changes in temperature pose. Rather than trying to conserve gas or taking cold showers, we still go on through our daily activities reluctant to change that will in time benefit the earth. By conserving gas and other harmful emissions like oil and electricity we are lessening the risks of global warming. By recognizing the potential risks, it will become easier to find practical solutions.

There have been some steps toward conserving gas. Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular among Americans and as well as other consumers. These cars will use less gas to get more mileage. Honda, is taking .steps toward lowering harmful gasses into the atmosphere by introducing these futuristic cars to the American public The main purpose of these cars is to reduce the dependency on gas for automobiles. As cheap college students, we all know how expensive gas is today, wouldn?t you rather save all the money you spend on gas and use it for other things like beer, clothes or other recreational purposes. The effects of global warming will have a lasting impact on the entire world. All people in all nations will experience unfortunate outcomes if something isn?t done soon.

Global warming is well underway, as much as we want to stop it completely, it?s not that simple. Due to the way the world has grown and evolved it is partially impossible stop the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Even if we stopped all of these gasses emitted into the atmosphere tomorrow, we would still see a rise in planetary temperatures of 1.1 degrees Celsius, which is twice the warming experienced over the past century. (Marshall, 2) The IPCC predicts a global temperature rise of between 1.4 degrees and 5.8 degrees by 2100. A global warming episode 250 million years ago wiped out 95 percent of all species on earth. It took a rise in average global temperature of only 6 degrees to trigger this catastrophe. The IPCC?s current worst-case scenario is 5.8 degrees. One can scarcely imagine a more somber warning. (Marshall, 2) If we do not take immediate action to cut down on emissions of greenhouse gasses, we will in effect condemn our children and grandchildren and all other generations to follow to a permanently impoverished and more threatening world dominated by extreme weather and ecological collapse. But who cares about the generations to follow us? One may ask. Well, it has been...

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