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Global Warming Greatest Threats To Challenge The Capabilities Of Mankind

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The Effects of Global Warming

Global Warming in theory, is one of the greatest threats to challenge the capabilities of mankind. Its effects are estimated to be catastrophic, dramatic climate changes, causing the melting of the polar ice caps and sharp rises in sea level. This will probably flood islands and cause major life loss. Diseases are likely to spread much easier due to the rise in temperature. Natural systems like our forests and oceans will be affected. Agriculture is going to be affected, both positively and negatively. The question remains, what is Global Warming? According to the Oxford Dictionary the definition of Global Warming is the "increase in the temperature of the earth's atmosphere caused by the greenhouse effect." However the idea of global warming had been slightly touched upon in the late 19th Century, not until recent decades has its significance been seen or realized. Different areas of the world will most likely warm more than others. The warming of 2 to 5 degrees Celsius that scientists predict will occur by the middle of the next century is an increase in the average global temperature. Just about every climate model predicts that the warming will be greater at higher latitudes (nearer the poles) than near the equator. In fact, the warming that will happen at the North and South poles could be at least double the global average. We should expect precipitation patterns to change worldwide. Over all, the total amount of rain that falls on the earth every year will most likely increase because of global warming. The reason for this is that as the air temperatures closer to the ground get hotter, more water will evaporate from the Earth's surface. The evaporated water will eventually fall back to the earth as snow or rain. However the total amount of precipitation will probably increase, many parts of the earth could become a lot drier by 2050. When the climate changes, as do the seasons. On the average, winters will become be shorter and less intense, while summers will become longer and hotter. The odds are high that we will see more temperature extremes in parts of the world due to global warming. This is especially true in the summer time, when temperatures are estimated to rise though the roof. There is also a chance that the changes in temperature might cause dangerous kinds of weather, such as hurricanes, and tornadoes, to grow more powerful, more destructive, and more frequent. For example, the strength of hurricanes is mostly determined by the temperature of the ocean water over the area where these storms develop. Many atmospheric scientists believe that as global warming raises water temperatures near the ocean's surface, hurricanes may have the potential to become even more dangerous storms than they are now. Scientists are also convinced that global warming will lead to the sea level rising. When temperatures increase worldwide, two things will happen to affect sea...

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