Global Warming Is A Theory, Not A Fact

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On April 25, 1975 a Newsweek headline blamed a deadly outbreak of southern tornadoes on a disastrous average climate temperature decline that had been persisting for over thirty years. This report stated that the temperature drop increased pressure points in the upper atmosphere amidst the circumvential flow of the westerly winds that in turn affected temperate regions to increase numbers of deathly droughts, floods, freezes, and late-coming monsoons (Gwynne). Global cooling was a scare that resulted because of a theory, but now the concern is global warming. With many theories resulting in a a dead end when they were only hypotheses in the first place, intellectual citizens have begun to distrust the scientific community because of their tendency to teach theories as facts instead of educational hypotheses.
Currently, ordinary citizens hesitate to trust any ideas published in the name of science. Several skeptics were taught that Lucy, the famed halfway point between humans and monkeys, was a miraculous discovery (“Johanson”). When they learned that this was just a hoax, the trust level within that age group dropped significantly. Theories such as the earth being flat or the geocentric theories have been falsified even though they were, at one point, taught as the sole truth. Today, not only is global warming an intense activist and political debate, global warming is a source of questioning citizens and arguing scientists.
Citizens are both skeptical and supportive of global warming. The “global cooling” scare of the 1970s was somehow twisted into a warming issue concerning drastically increased water levels and deceased polar bears lining the arctic shores (Gwynne).
However, there is evidence and conclusions supporting the logical reasons for this finicky notion.
But, on another note, science has had a historical tendency to regard theories as the absolute fact. In the 1500s Copernicus developed a new notion that the sun, moon, and other planets did not revolve around Earth, but everything orbited around the sun (Dick). This, called the heliocentric theory, was later proven by mass calculations of orbits and telescoped mathematics that bluntly disproved the geocentric theory. When Copernicus published his new theory, his works were disregarded and immediately frowned upon as being a thoughtless hypothesis. However, as time went on, the truth-of-the-time geocentric theory has its own place on a dusty abandoned shelf.
More examples of theories that had once been taught without doubt are as follows: maternal impression, which was a theory that described a way that birth defects and other disorders were created at the mother’s fault and disproved by genetic theory; spontaneous generation, which generally states that life forms could be created from virtually nothing (like maggots are born from rotting meat) only to be disproved by Louis Pasteur in the nineteenth century; and the theory of ulcers developed by stress.

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