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Worship. I hear the word and instantly images spring forth of megachurch congregations singing vanilla choruses backed by a choir, orchestra, praise team, band, and possibly an enormous piano. On planning this article, I originally decided I would lambaste this, lambaste our generation for being so quick to snicker and judge this, and generally talk about the church's internal culture wars, which are almost passe at this point, concluding that we're all wrong to some degree and all right to some degree. What I most certainly wouldn't talk about was the maxim that worship should be an everyday experience rather than confined to an hour or two on Sundays. This is what anyone over the age of 12 has heard almost every time they've stepped into a church. So, guess what I'm going to talk about...
Don't jump ship on me yet, though! It took months finally to sit and write this because I couldn't figure out what was going on. We always talk about worship being a constant, but don't really get to the why or how. It just gets left there for us to all process and take home and do what we will, and then nothing changes on Sundays because we've been handed this kernel of thought without ever unpacking it. Growing up I took this school of thought and pictured some guy's everyday worship as walking around, admiring the green grass and cute little squirrels, and singing Breathe on some loop in his head. While this image is pleasant and serene, I was pretty sure God wanted more from us than this, and honestly I've never been interested in being a drone, spouting platitudes to God.
Simply put, worship is our response to God. I think the biggest obstacle in our worship is an insecurity over what exactly it is we're responding to. The most common response would be, “Well, Jesus saved you from hell, of course.” My reply to this would be, “Well yes, but death is hopefully a long way off, and I can only get excited about the same thing so many times between now and then.”
Salvation from eternal death is a very abstract concept. You don't see it every day, and if we're honest we would probably admit that we don't think about it every day either. So what is it exactly that we are saved from and respond to in worship? The answer, I think, is life. That's right, we're saved from life. Why? Because life is hard. We all discover this at different times. Some far too soon, and many much later than would probably seem fair, but ultimately there's a moment when something causes life to seem like a brick wall you've run into, and which is also preventing you from taking another step forward. I'm making this sound very extreme, and if you haven't ever felt like you've hit a brick wall, then think of a metaphorical rock or roadblock that's caused a hiccup in life. I hadn't really had an experience such as this until a couple of years...

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