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They say,” a picture is worth a thousand words”, yet, a picture needs no words to explain its meaning or what the photographer felt when capturing the moment. Since their inventions, the camera and photography have had a great significance in our society as well in our history. Both have come a long way in recording and visualizing natural phenomenon in our world. Through the power of photography, a picture can capture the essence of a single moment through a camera. With pictures, we can flash back to moments from our childhood or times of joy and sadness and have the ability to share those unforgettable moments over and over again. Photography not only captures precious moments of life, but it is also considered a medium of supreme witness in recording the world and its events. Photographers record nature, wars, injustices, poverty, human misery, and human joy. Through these photographs, people have been revealed of unknown or unspoken situations throughout the world, which has helped society, think and look at the things in a different manner. The purpose of the paper is to inform about photography, as well make a comparison and highlight contrasts between Mary Ellen Mark and Mathew Brady as globally gifted photographers.
"Photography" is derived from the Greek words photos ("light") and graphein ("to draw"). The word was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839. It is a method of recording images by the action of light, or related radiation, on a sensitive material (Bellis). Similar to drawing, photography can be either an art form or a practical tool. This particular medium is broadly used around the world, from journalism, science even in business fields like advertising, public relations and other industries. It also plays an important role in family history to capture every enlighten moment and it offers the artist a powerful means of expression (Preble and Frank 141). The idea of photography started with a camera and has been around since 5th century B.C. For many years these were just ideas until an Iraqi scientist created something called the camera obscuras in the 11th Century. The camera did not record images; it just simply projected them onto another surface and they were upside down. The first camera obscuras used a pinhole in a tent to project an image from outside the tent into the darkened area. It wasn’t until the 17th Century when camera obscuras to be made small enough to be portable; and basic lenses to be added. Photography as we know it today began in the late 1830s in France when Joseph Nicéphore Niépce used a portable camera obscuras to expose a pewter plate coated with bitumen to light. This is the first known recorded image that did not fade quickly (Masoner). For the future history of cameras and photography there are new innovations appearing frequently. Now with the digital camera, amateurs and photographers can take multiple pictures and view them almost instantly (“Photography”).

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