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Would America Be What It Is Today Without Slavery? Early Us History Essay

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Stephen Cole
Dr. James Hill
Early US History 1063
27 September 2017
Would America be what it is today without slavery and servitude? The answer to this question is simply no. Since the first settlers arrived in the Americas, slavery was apart of their lives here. Christopher Columbus, after arriving in the Americas, immediately began capturing the native people and put them into forced labor. Forced labor was embedded into the deep roots of America at a very early age. Upon arrival, Europeans automatically assumed positions of power in America. This automatic assumption caused a malicious relationship to form between settlers and the Natives. Europeans believed that they were these imposing figures that could come in to this new land and do whatever they wanted. Europeans sparked the trend of viewing members of different races as lesser beings. As time progressed, this trend of forced servitude and a dominant mindset of progressed with society. The backbone of the early colonies in America were slaves and indentured servants. Slavery and servitude allowed land owning white men to maximize the amount of money they could make from their land, while having to exert no physical labor at all. At the very beginning of the slow development of our soon to be great nation, slavery was not as common. The use of indentured servants was the most common practice. Indentured servants allowed colonist to get men to work for them during a seven-year period for free. Many Europeans were eager to be indentured servants due to how hard it was to obtain land. Colonial America would have fallen apart without the use of slaves and indentured servants. Slavery and indentured servants allowed wealthy, land owners to focus on more other things. Slavery and servitude allowed America to grow economically, redefining social division, and focus on development into as a nation.
To begin with, the economy of the explorers and early colonists was completely dependent on the use of slaves and servitude. The early explorers main interest once arriving in the Americas was to find gold. Many were unware of the fact that Columbus began using enslaved Africans and Natives to mine gold upon his arrival in the Americas. The Europeans sought out to take advantage of the natives and use the gold that they had in abundance for themselves. This cynical conquest for money and personal gain continued on to the early colonies. The wealthy plantation owners would not have survived without having people work for him. Slavery and servitude allowed colonist to maximize the amount of money they would make from their goods. The economy of America during this time is a hundred percent agricultural. In the eyes of Europeans, there were so many pros to using the systems of slavery and servitude. Indentured servants worked for you for free for seven years and you are not required to provided them with the best living arrangements and or food. In addition to that, you can work them however hard...

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