Would An Electronic War Be Possible On A Global Scale?

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“Take Action When You See the Threat” military philosophy has been used in many battles since the introduction of World War. But as there is no certainty of winning battles, nations around the world driven to comprehend that Electronic War is now preferred for them to gain superiority of information to increase the probability of winning battle. With them, any countries can manipulate the information residing on the other side of battleground to gain paramount advantages at battlefield. Electronic War, as a complementary method in battlefield, emerged many countries to actively aware the need of Electronic War in the purpose to defend against enemy and attack to gain information superiority. While countries raised the awareness significantly to add-on Electronic War method, many alliances are alarmed by this activity due to threat to national security. Countries began to realize that there are many anonymous threats might drive the possibility of Electronic War to the stage where this method is needed to accomplish national security mission.
Keywords: Electronic War, Global Scale, Information Superiority, Alliance

Electronic warfare has introduced another terror for individuals, business and even government, even for me as a citizen in my country. It exposed such a great terror to countries which are involved in it. After the 9/11, Peterson (2007) found that the electronic warfare including cyber terrorism present a great impact to human’s life style, languages and behaviour. Even cyber terrorism awareness enforced its popularity in every single level of government department. Business Disaster Recovery becomes the critical part which every business forced to carry out to get the insurance of business continuity and contingency. The main goal of Electronic war is related to damage, deny the availability, manipulate or capture information to gain information superiority

In recent updates, Electronic War seems to gain popularity among countries national security. Many national security experts are aware the possibility of their national security to engage Electronic War program to defend their own country or maybe considering a plan to attack enemy. ‘If you couldn’t control the electromagnetic spectrum, then you might not win wars’ (Loren, 2009). Many national security experts believe that abstract world gives paramount advantage of war in terms of information superiority. In fact Electronic War has been introduced since World War II, where most of the countries were experiencing the nightmare of Germans Colonisation which threats the world security as well as America and Russia (In Cold War, Russia merged with nations around them to become Soviet Union). Recent update shows that serious concern has been raised among countries about their national security against Electronic Wars, while many agreements has been made among countries to get a “Peace Certificate” to push their national security to the stage...

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