Would Anne Frank Have Been A Good Teacher (If Alive)?

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Imagine the insight that Anne Frank could have given to us if she were still alive today? She could have provided us with a first-hand recollection on the Nazi’s poignant annihilation of the Jewish race. Not only could she have described the conditions that people suffered in the concentration camps, she could have spread her wisdom and explain why she thought there was good in everyone. She was very enthusiastic, and soon in her life, she could have become very influential. Anne Frank would have become a very good teacher if she were still alive today because she was intelligent, optimistic, and friendly as a child.Firstly, Anne Frank would be an excellent teacher because she was very intelligent. She always wrote short stories in her free time while at the Annex. Writing a story may be extremely hard, especially when you don’t have much experience. Anne also demonstrated her intelligence when she forms her speeches and arguments. For example, when she argues with the adults in the Annex, she doesn’t falter. She supports her argument with good ideas and thoughts. Also, Anne always knows how to create a good discussion. She is extremely thoughtful and resourceful. When nobody is in the mood to talk, she would always craft her way around it and find a way to spark a conversation. It’s good to have conversations when you are so lonely. Anne was intelligent to know this and to utilize her imagination. Most of all, Anne was always full of questions and ideas. She would always plan ahead of time and think about her decisions for the future. She was very prepared and ready to face all obstacles. This shows why she was intelligent as a child.Secondly, Anne Frank would have become a great teacher because she is such an optimistic person. She does not dwell on the past—she is very upbeat. Anne saw good in people when nobody else could. She saw good in Nazis regardless of the horrendous acts they were committing against the Jews. She always encouraged other people. She told them not to give up when times seem very harsh. She never gave up hope that...

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