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Would Legalizing Prostitution In Nevada, Be A Good Idea?

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If Nevada where to legalize prostitution most of the prostitutes, in Nevada would not be any safer than when prostitution was illegal. There would be a rise in criminal activity and increase in human trafficking.
There are many different opinions involved if legalizing prostitution in the State of Nevada. Supporters of legalization of prostitution in Nevada feel women will be safer, and there would be no spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Opponents for legalizing prostitution believe that prostitution is a victimless crime, with both parties agreeing to participate. Thus, there is no harm or criminal act involved with prostitution/ or paying for sex. According to, the yahoo blog post of Neil Litherland “The Benefits of Legal Prostitution, Taking Away the Laws on Morality." Making prostitution legal cleans up many of the ugly aspects of the profession. If prostitutes must be disease and drug free, then the issue of health is resolved. Litherland writes about how legalization would benefit the prostitute by providing safe environment for them to work and there would be laws for mandatory testing for STD’s. (Litherland, 2010) Many feel legalization is a good thing. Is selling someone a bottle of vodka wrong if they are of age and want it? (Litherland)
According to, Cathy Young, the Contributing Editor at Reason magazine and, stated in her article. “Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime?” ProConorg Headlines, Reason, 8 May 2007. "[P]rostitution is perhaps the ultimate victimless crime: a consensual transaction in which both parties are supposedly committing a crime… The crime rate would decrease and human w trafficking would cease.” (Young, 2007) Keeping prostitution illegal only increases other crimes, such as corruption, drugs, and criminal element associated with illegal prostitution. (Young, 2007) Those in favor of legalizing prostitution in Nevada, sing the praises of all the brothel owners who will keep the prostitutes safe while working. However, would legalizing prostitution really show an increase in safety and decrease in in criminal activity and human trafficking. However, if prostitution where to be legalized in Nevada, women not be any safer?
Legalizing prostitution would not be a good idea in Nevada
The women who engage in prostitution illegal or legal are not always doing it by choice. Some women may be homeless and jobless and in desperate need for money. Some may be young high school girls on the street. Many become addicted to drugs and prostitution is quick money and the women trapped by their pimps and addictions. Men buy women, the age of the men run between 18-74 years old and the men come from every economic range. Men buying women for sex for cheap is an epidemic. Buying women is very degrading to women. Their pimps own many women and often the pimps buy and sell their prostitute’s like cattle. Those in favor of legalizing prostitution will tell you, that it should not be a crime because both the...

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