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Saturday isn't considered a 'real' working day, as in office hours, but my boss wanted sunny pictures for the magazine. I wasn't going to argue with her since I'd just started not too long ago. I'd driven to Central Park and walked around the beautiful grounds, sat on a bench and watched people jog, walk hand in hand, and bicycle in the brisk air.

I sat up attentively with an idea at the sound of giggling and a barking dog. I peered over my shoulder and saw two boys of the same age, twins perhaps, and a lively beagle. One young boy threw a tennis ball and the dog jumped into the air and caught it. The boys laughed; their breath noticeable in the air. A woman looking on with a smile stood off to the side. I decided to go talk to her.

She grinned and nodded when I asked if I could photograph her dog and children. I had her sign a waiver I'd dug out from my bag, then we walked until I found the perfect fall backdrop. The children played in the distance so they'd be part of the picture, but not the focal point. I snapped off a good fifty photos, even some of the dog chasing a squirrel. The sun's position highlighted the youths' auburn hair, catching the reddish tones in their locks. I thanked their mother profusely and left in search of more sights, but first, I checked my phone to see if Kit messaged me, he didn't, and I noted the time—mid-afternoon.

I bought a hot pretzel from a vendor and ate it while I continued on my way. Not the healthiest of choices, but I couldn't take the time to be picky, especially with the weather cooperating with me. I remembered reading about Bow Bridge located here in Central Park. It had been a scene in many movies and television shows due to its graceful shape and romantic setting. I picked up my step and asked a vendor selling hot drinks which way I should go. He directed me and I took off, warily casting an eye to the sky. Not a cloud in sight, I smiled.

I stood parallel with the cast iron bridge and awed at the view, taking in the beauty of my surroundings. The water happened to be smooth and peaceful, not a ripple too be seen. The trees and their vibrantly colored fall leaves resembled a gorgeous watercolor picture in the water's reflection. I set up my equipment and took many picturesque photos of the bridge, water and trees. Two Mute Swans came in flying low, looking awkward and sloppy, and I saw my chance. I held the release button down and the camera shot in rapid succession one image after another, each frame a little different from the last; like a flip book. They flapped their wings to slow themselves and hydroplaned the surface of the lake, appearing to run on the water, before landing. After tucking their long wings back and shaking their tail feathers, they both settled down. I marveled at their beauty, pristine white feathers, long elegant necks curved into an S shape, and bright orange bills.

Something occurred to me as they elegantly swam together; changing of mates happened infrequently...

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