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Do You Think That The Monster In Frankenstein Deserves Our Sympathy? Why Or Why Not?

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On a chill night of November, Victor Frankenstein brought his creation to life. This creation has thin black lips, inhuman eyes, and a sallow skin through which one can see the pulsing work of his muscles, arteries, and veins. From this day onwards, a hideous monster is born, shunned by anyone who sees it.This monster, although having committed many crimes in the name of vengeance, but I still feel sympathy for him as he was not such a creature when he was first born. At the moment of his birth, the creature was entirely benevolent and innocent, even if he looked hideous; he had the same innocence as a newborn child. He did not understand anything, but tried to learn everything in this new world and tried to make the best out of it. His awakening symbolized his start of “self-awareness”, and that he wanted to start out good.But when he first affectionately reaches out to Frankenstein, he was abandoned, and became an orphan. Abandoned immediately after it’s born, anyone would feel sympathy for the monster, and with the sharp contrast as to how Victor’s parents and friends treated Victor who is the monster’s “father”, I really felt very sad for him. “My creator, make me happy” this sentence very effectively brought out the loneness, the despair and the sadness the monster felt.In the beginning the monster means the people no harm; they reject and attack him because of his hideous appearance. Therefore, I believe that the monster is actually the product of his social circumstances. Like an infant, he first experienced the world, but all of the people that the creature encounters in his travels regard him with horror. He is often pelted with stones and beaten with sticks, though he attempts to make overtures of friendship. In the face of such cruelty, horror and despair, I could not help but share the same fury against all these people. Because of his hideous looks, he became a wretched outcast, deprived of all love and companionship. And the chains of ignorance chain him and finally destroy him. He started to harbor the thoughts of having revenge, not only towards Victor, but also towards humanity, for bringing him into this world only to face the harsh cruelty of it all. But me as a reader do not hate him for wanting to murder, only sympathize.As the story continues, the monster secretly observed the simple family living in the cottage, and for the first time, experiencing the marvelous nature of the human kind. He longed to join the human society and hopes that others would accept him, but as time passes, he learnt more things from them and finally realizes that the human society would never accepted others different from them and he will never be able to fit in. At this point in the story, I can really feel the despair he felt and that nearly all his hopes of happiness are gone, making me even more sympathize with the monster. He thought that he had a chance and attached himself so emotionally with the...

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