Would You Give Your Dog To Science?

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Have you ever went shopping for any type of beauty supplies, such a cosmetics or just lip balm and lotion and wondering why it may say in tiny print "Not Used On Animals"? The topic of animals used for testing is one of the most important issues to the world. Humanitarian and pet lovers all agree that the mistreatment of animals varies in different countries and believes that there should be an end or a better alternative to this impending issue. Although animals have helped researchers find drugs and treatment, there should be better laws against cruel researchers, because animals and humans are not completely the same and most animals are killed from treatment. Animal testing's have been used for cosmetic testing, drug testing, education reasoning, breeding and the study of diseases. There should be reduction of animals, refinement of technology with better living conditions and medical care, and a new replace after these several studies.
Most animals are manhandled from experiments or kept in subjection. According to (David Belavy, Nana Sunn , Queenie Lau and Thomas Robertson) a the American Veterinary Medical Association use depressant injection, carbon dioxide, or inhaled sleep inducer to kill the animals after testing. Carbon dioxide is frequently used and is a very known knock out drug. Appormixately 1.13 million animals in the U.S. are used for examination on agriculture experiments which don't even include mice and rats. About 80-90% of experiments are being used on mice, rats, and bids which are not protected under the law. " The mice were anesthetized with 5% isoflurane in oxygen in an anesthetizing chamber and maintained with 1.5% isoflurane by nose cone for the duration of the procedure.
Laws are not being enforcing enough. Jessica Y. Kong The Animal Welfare Act (1966) only enables assurance to specific animals his act also encourages scientists to give animals painkillers but does not require it.
It has helped researchers find drugs and treatment. Animals have contributed vaccines for human diseases.
Armadillos have helped find a antiseptic for leprosy, mice have helped studies of cancer, viruses, and genetics. Nonhuman primates have been shown to be treatments for polio, Rh disease, studies of HIV, heart disease, and malaria. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA; Norfolk, VA), sought to force EPA to mandate that chemical companies turn over the existing and unpublished HPV data before any new testing. (Neil Franz)

The cost to house these animals are extremely expensive. It cost a fortune to provide shelter, food and to have veterinary staff to care for them.
Animals and humans are not completely the same. Although primates have about ninety nine percent of genetics are similar to humans our bodies contrasts and may react differently to these new drugs. My disputant may argue that animals are dissimilar enough from humans to make...

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