Would You Buy Shares In The Company You Want To Work For?

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Topic DefinitionWould you buy shares in the company you want to work for?IntroductionWho would not be happy to work for companies like, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Gillette, Colgate, Ford, and GE among them. All these companies have a high reputation since long time ago and overall with a good position in our mind as one of their most important strategies.One might goes behind of those corporate names, if one wants to obtain a good, "secure", and very well paid job. However, has one ever wonder if those companies, which we desire to work for, are stable? On the other hand, would we trust our economic future to them according to its actual or future finances?On the other hand, these days many new companies are coming into the market without the tradition of those above named. Many of them are not shown in the financial pages and so, are not possible to compare with other in the same sector or industry. Therefore, an uncertain panorama comes to our mind and some questions appear such as, is the company I want to work for very well valuated in the Financial Markets? Or like our topic questions, would I buy shares in the company I want to work for?Therefore, our aim inn this essay will be to show how to evaluate Stocks, describe the variables, which affect companies' value and their stock. These factors will help us to evaluate the performance of companies at the financial markets. Also we describe briefly the new schemes Ownership-employee, which seek to tie the performance of companies to the performance of their employees.Would you buy shares in the company you want to work for?1)Global Understanding of the financial systemWe have been witnesses that in the last quarter of century, the use of terms such as Stocks and Shares or Financial Markets, have been more often and familiar to us than before. In addition, we can see the value of a number of firms and their stocks on the newspapers. This ones show the behaviour of the stocks and comparisons between companies in the same industry and with their sector. Also show, data analysis, graphs and a wide world of new techniques, to evaluate companies and their finances.The new advances in information systems such as internet, have allow us to see this 'strange' world in a friendlier and open view. From those devices, we can obtain updated financial information from firms as well as information about stocks and capital markets, that permit us to evaluate, calculate and simulate different risk panoramas to predict the future of those companies.Therefore, we will define some important terms that we will use in this piece of work, to generate a confident environment to go trough it:1.1Definitionsa.Stocks and Shares:These are financial papers, which represent a portion of the value of a company and are issued to raise capital for the firm. Grinblatt & Titman (2002), define three kinds of stocks: common stock, preferred stock and warrants.Common stocks: are the most general ones, which...

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