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Wound Care: The Use Of Hydrocolloid Dressings In Client With Decubitus Ulcers Nursing Client With

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Decubitus ulcers are primary problem that affects millions of people in the world and has substantial cause of disability and linked to the increased of death (Samson and Lefevre, 2004); as a result, they have a major effect on community health and operating cost of the government health care funds (Samson and Lefevre, 2004). In the United State of America, the estimated cost of pressure sore treatment covers $70 000 every cases, and the yearly expenditures for the intervention of these conditions is more than $20 billion (Bergstrom, Allman and Alvarez, 2004). Pressure sore management is paramount and it involves different techniques, including wound care intervention to promote the healing ...view middle of the document...

, 2009). At the late 19th century, an invention of cellophane provides advanced development of dressing products named by Cockbill and Turner (2007), as interactive dressings. Five decades ago, breakthrough of different dressing have been introduced such as film dressing, gauzes, hydrogels, foam dressings, alginates, hydro-fiber, absorbing dressings and hydrocolloids (Cockbill and Turner, 2007). According to Thomas (2008), hydrocolloid was invented in the 1960s use as a cure for mouth ulcers. Later in 1982, it was introduced in the United Kingdom and in the following year in the United States of America as Duoderm and various products has been marketed such as Comfeel, Tegasorb, Sureskin and Restore(Thomas, 2008). Thomas (2008) added that the characteristics of these dressings are similar and they have used for the same different clinical implications.
Some researchers agreed that hydrocolloid dressings are commonly used for treating decubitus ulcers (Guillen-Sola et al, 2013;Klode et al, 2011; Heyneman et al, 2008). Cockbill and Turner (2007) explained that typical hydrocolloid dressings should consist of sodium, pectin, gelatine, polysiobutylene and carboxymethylcellulose. This dressing attract the fluid of the wound and accumulated which through the polyurethane foam or film helps the exchange of water vapour that shield the wound being contaminated from the external area of the wound (Heyneman et. al, 2008). Systematic reviews have been conducted from 29 publications to support the claim on the effectiveness of hydrocolloid dressings on pressure sore compared to other dressing. In the 29 research and studies, data from different features of decubitus ulcers were gathered which includes wound size, healing time, skin evaluation, wound oozes and odour. Heyneman et al. (2008) concluded that hydrocolloid were recommended dressings on the intervention of pressure injuries compared to gauze dressing in terms of wound healing, less pain, time efficient for dressing changes. On the other hand, Catanzaro (2007) argued that the tools used, researches were not confirmed and evidenced is limited. Catanzaro (2007) added that due of their research limitation further study review is crucial specifically in diabetic patient.
Ulcer healing may accord by some factors such as diabetes or infections (Bongiovanni, 2006). It is vital for healthcare worker to identify the problem an early stage in order to initiate the proper intervention plan (Smith, 2013). Meaume et al. (2008) claimed that one fundamental factor to help the healing of the ulcer is the moist environment. Hydrocolloid have been introduced, base on this initiative to recover the wound by providing moisture on the excess fluids. A clinical test was conducted to compare the efficacy of a new hydrocolloid dressing containing hyaluronic acid (HC + HA) (Meaume et al., 2008). The underlying principle of adding hyaluronic acid has come from the idea that by increasing the acid in hydrocolloid...

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