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Wowo Great Essay

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LONDONHELLLOOOO FROM LONDON! I arrived to Europe and noticed some funky things…Do you know that the driver seats in Europe are in the right side instead of left? Cars license's plates are funny too: they're psychedelic yellow! I've also found the chocolate named "Yorkie: Not for Girls!" and I've been very tempted to try it, but after reading a comic strip of Shrub Monkeys about it I'm scared that I might grow a beard if I taste it! XD I also found myself thinking " oh mai gosh, so kool!" every time a Londonerian (??) talks to me and mom because of their kick-ass accents. Like the first Londonese(???) we've met was an officer and my mom accidently bumped into him and he said "It's alright, sweetheart." and there was another time when a woman hold the door for us and when I thanked her, she said " Ai, no worries, love." and my insides squealed in glee of their pure AWESOMENESS. We're staying at my ma's university friend's home to sleep but other than that we've been in many places, like a huge Ferris wheel called the Eye of London (which I felt rather sick when we went right at the top)where you could see the whole city, a film festival, the amazing Ripley's Believe it or not Museum, a place called "Madame Tussauds" filled with wax figurines of famous peeps to meet our creepy desires, and others which I can't remember the names but remember quite vividly the aches on my feet all of them gave me D: The pictures we took are pretty funny, since my mom comes up with the most asian poses ever after watching this video called The History of the Peace Sign.( check it out on youtube!) Of course, I still managed to be a videogame geek even in a different continent. At day, an outgoing tourist exploring the city, and at night, blowing heads off in Gears of War with the older son or playing Super Mario Sunshine with my ma's friend's youngest son, where we squeaked in fear before the mighty roar of the Gooper Blooper. OOGLYBOOGLYWOOOOOOOO!!!!Next stop: Italy!ITALYI REALLY didn't want to go to Italy.Hey, hear me out first and please don't tell me I didn't want to go because of my bad experience in that racist Italian school, I have good reasons! Before going to Italy, at Baggie's (the name of my mom's university friend, because I'm getting to lazy to rewrite that) house we saw a legit Italian show where all the men were in the spotlight, showing off and seeing which one could be the biggest assholes while the woman were cast aside only to have zoom ins of their chests. Worst of all, there was a woman that actually pwned the guys with her remarks, but they didn't give her a lot of screen time because she wasn't as preppy as the Blondie who was so damn giggly every time someone insulted her. My ma thought I was exaggerating so we still ended up going. BUT STILL. >:ISo we arrived in Venice, the city known for its mask carnival, and went on a small walk then just died a couple of minutes later because it was SO DAMN HOT. Nothing was open too, probably...

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