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Wrap It Before You Tap It

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Out of all first world which would you suspect teen pregnancy be the highest? Of course not our prefect country, but yet surprisingly it is. The United States has 305,388 teenagers’ ages fifteen to nineteen give live births a year. That is about 29.4 births per one thousand female teens population (“Teen Birth”). Leann came from an extremely strict home. She was only seventeen when she came home and had to tell her parents she had messed up and was going to be expecting a baby. After telling her parents her mother even kicked her out of the house and told her she was never welcomed back hone. She had been dating a guy at school for six months. They broke up and she found out she was ...view middle of the document...

While these are all good reasons, but what about the youth who wants to be safe while having intercourse and does not have the money to afford a box of condoms? Maybe there should be limits on giving out the condoms. All of the reasons are valuable and are very upright reasons that no one should ignore. By providing condoms to high school students across America is a wise investment for our government funds, would be the most effective way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and unplanned teen pregnancies, and even educate them on practicing safe sex.
Instead of thinking about all the bad more and more teens are becoming sexually active. One reason to have condoms distributed in high school is a wise investment to our government funds because the United State government spends a fortune each year on public health problems generated by risky sexual behaviors. The cost is escalating with the many children with unplanned pregnancies over a lifetime can be astronomical. Also, the cost of treating people with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) can be massive. By providing condoms to teens this will minimize these health problems. With condoms being the most effective way to prevent the unwanted disease and pregnancies it is a wise choice for our government to allow contraceptive devices to be placed in school so they will have more money in their own pockets and not in hospitals. We all know our government officials love money. For their own cost it is easily the most money efficient way to protect their future by protecting these threats (Chen).
Teens are going to engage in sex with or without condoms, so making them available right down the hall would help. Every day thousands of teenagers are putting not only themselves, but also others in danger to STD’s, pregnancies, and even serve emotional distress....

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