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Wrecked Ashore Essay

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This is my journal of my family's misfortune onto an island, I call this journal, "Wrecked Ashore." It is going to describe my family's venture onto an island we later name, "Johnson Island," corny, right? I thought so too, but it was my lovely daughter's idea to do so. She is a pretty smart person. . . You will soon find out, I know that Flight to London from Florida would crash, I knew it because I saw the plane shaking, when they fired up the engine. . . A loud sound was coming from the plane before I left, I could've chosen not to board the plane, but I did anyway. . . The plane had a very distinct rustic characteristic to it. It looked and sounded very old, but this wasn't going to stop ...view middle of the document...

"Mom! What's for dinner?" says Lawson, my son who is fourteen, he stands about five feet three inches tall.

"Honey, I don't know yet ask your father," I reply to my discombobulated son.

"Ok," he says.

I also have a daughter, Lilly, who is very bright, intelligent, and young lady. Lawson is smart too, like his father, who is very intelligent. Furthermore, I have a handsome husband who's name is Adam works as a computer technician, my daughter, Lilly is eighteen years old, a graduate from high school, and is so eager to get a job, or so she tells me. My son, Lawson is in the eighth grade, next year he will be a freshman, but unlike his sister, he isn't so eager to get a job. Furthermore, since I married my husband and had my two wonderful kids, I have been living a marvelous life until my stress came about from my job.

I suggested to my family, that we take a vacation, after all we have never been on a vacation that may be the reason why we are so stressed. My plan was to go to London for a couple of weeks, just go to different museums, and gaze at different monuments, just spend time with my family. I feel like we deserve it, we live in Miami, Florida, but nowhere near the beach. . . I remember the time we went to the beach though, we had a blast, it was during the summer. "Hey, stop that Lawson you’re getting my hair wet," yells Lilly. "Well, if you would just get in the water you would have to worry about...

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