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Wrestling 2 Essay

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Professional wrestling programs are among the most popular shows on television; they often represent six out of the ten top-rated cable shows each week. In addition to boosting ratings, the World Wrestling Federation's (WWF) increased emphasis on violence, raw language and sexual suggestion has made it controversial. Even though the televised events the WWF chooses to put on television may be disputed; the broadcasts should still be considered acceptable on television today. Although the WWF is often scrutinized for it's content, it is no different then any daytime soap operas which are still considered acceptable.Many wrestling events today go to the extreme. In a "Kiss My Ass'' grudge match between "The Rock" and "Mr. Ass", the loser had to kiss the other's buttocks. "Mr. Ass" brought an obese woman wrapped in a blanket into the ring and declared that his opponent would have to kiss her backside. She obliged by lifting her skirt and displaying her underpants and a ripped pair of panty hose. However, as "Mr. Ass's" antics indicate, there may be other, draws for spectators besides the "sport" itself: sex, violence and occasional racism. Aside from the heavy metal music, there is an area of wrestling that is very politically incorrect. If you were to turn to ABC at one o'clock in the afternoon, you would see the same acts that are displayed on wrestling. "All My Children", a daytime soap opera, contains some of the most graphic sexual scenes be aired on television. Young teenage girls watching "Young & the Restless" are influenced by the notion that promiscuous sex is acceptable in society. In "Days of Our Lives" a male actor will rape, kill, and bury a woman and still end up a hero; These shows are still considered acceptable for a younger viewing audiences. These soap operas contain the same explicit adult content the WWF contains even in a stronger context; nevertheless it is still considered acceptable for a general audience.Women wrestlers competing in "Women Title Matches" such as, "Champion Ivory" and "Tori," perform in revealing costumes apparently fashioned from a special WWF merger between "Victoria's Secret" and "DKNY." The match usually ends on a controversial call, after which "Champion Ivory" unfastens "Tori's" top. "Tori" covers her breasts and scurries off, much to the crowd's disappointment. During certain moments in a match, sellout crowds chant in unison "Ass hole! Ass hole! Ass hole!" Likewise, one can probably tune in on the Warner Brothers (WB) network and watch similar events on "Jerry Springer's" daytime talk show. Why are such daytime talk shows not being as widely criticized for their content? For instance, on "Jenny Jones" children watch female and male strippers dancing in sexually enticing outfits to the sounds of socially incorrect pornographic music. The WWF is not considered acceptable because of its violence, raw language, and sexual suggestion; but a wide variety of popular daytime shows containing the same...

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