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Wrestling In Tv Essay

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One of the fastest growing and most watched television shows on T.V. right now, is WWF wrestling! As the business grows the budget for production increases the and The techniques become far superior to what they where 10 to 20 years ago. More cameras are being used fire works and lighting and the set designs are being used and changed to bring wrestling into the modern day television and keep people interested and watching their program. In my essay I will illustrate some of their techniques of camera angles, lighting and visual effects used to make the WWF the popular show that it has become. I have chosen the Monday February 18th Monday Night Raw to anylsis Horizontal field of view deals with the close up shots of the actors, where are many different types there is close up (head and shoulders), medium close up (above the bust line), medium shot (waist and up), wide shot (whole body). The Monday Night Raw is an example of the visual technique demonstrated potential. As the show kicked off the wrestler Stone Cold Steven Austin came out, as he came out the camera went in on a on a close up, then cut fast to the audience's reaction to the star. This is done to create excitement in the home viewing audience to see how all the live viewers are reacting to the star. After the live audience view the camera goes back to the wrestler and gives a close up view into a gradual wide shot, as he was walking down the ramp toward the ring. This method of camera shooting is used in wrestling to create a 3rd person angle, to make the viewer feel he is part of the show that you are moving with him. As Stone Cold Steve Austin entered the ring the camera did a whole body shot so the viewer can see everything that he is doing. This is the similar method that the WWF uses for all their wrestlers.Camera proximity is another part is Theoretical Approach, this has to do with the location of the camera to where the actor is positioned. Lots of different techniques utilized in the show to create different effects that I will explain. In the actual wrestling matches the camera angles are switching super fast to make it seen like there is more action going on that actually is going on. An example of this is in the main event match up between Kurt Angle and HHH the camera would switch between three different cameras about every three seconds.Performer space deals with the special effects climax that will draw the viewers eye. When a wrestler comes out to the ring to his music different effects will be used to catch the people's eye. In the episode being analyzed it was noticed the more established wrestlers had more of an introduction (fireworks, longer ring introduction, ect.). The producers of wrestling want to define their higher ranked wrestlers by giving them more stage time and more elaborate entrances, to draw the people's attention to these stars and get the audience hooked on their storylines so they will want to watch the next show to find out what is going to...

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