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Wrestling: Training For The Rest Of Your Life

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Sweat sweeps out, slowly gliding down and finally dripping off his face. His heart races as he huffs and puffs. He stutter steps, pulls out, fakes again, and quickly turns from right to left outwitting his opponent and grabbing onto his leg. He doesn’t even think about it anymore. His movements steadily have become reflexes and his reflexes are second nature.
The time is quickly winding down and his team needs the victory to win the dual meet. He holds on to his opponent's legs, tightly gripping as the time slips aways. There is a moment of silence from his teammates, interrupted by loud cheers from the opposing team. The match is over. His head droops off his body, as if all his convictions rest upon his shoulders, too heavy to bear the lost.
He runs off the mat upset and distraught. The streets of his mind are traffic jammed with thousands of thoughts trying to get to a conclusion on what went wrong. There is little compassion given to the warrior, the wrestler. He will be expected to pick up and piece himself back together, return to practice and continue to wrestle
Wrestlers practice countless hours on and off the mat for regulation matches no longer than six minutes. Six minutes doesn’t seem like enough time to crush a dream, but it is. Wrestlers dreams are faced with this challenge every time they step on a mat. Their dreams of success in wrestling are put to the test every match. No one else can wrestle for them but themselves. Wrestling is a good sport because it has a different level of team purity and individual intensity that separates it from other sports.
Wrestling is a worldwide sport and literally has thousands of styles or types. In recent years wrestling has evolved to three main types. The main styles are Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Collegiate (also known as freestyle or scholastic). Greco-Roman wrestlers are limited only to upper body and are not allowed to grab or touch their opponent's legs. Freestyle is common with Greco-Roman, except the fact that Freestyle wrestling is not limited to only upper body . Freestyle and Greco are the two Olympic wrestling styles. (Sport and Spectacle, pg 26) Collegiate is what is wrestled in United States colleges and universities. Collegiate and scholastics are almost the same because they are scored in the same manner. In scholastics wrestling there are 14 weight classes (106, 113, 120, 126, 132, 138, 145, 152, 160, 170, 182, 195, 22, 285). In collegiate wrestling there are 10 weight classes (125, 133, 141, 149, 157, 165, 174, 184, 197).The main difference between them is that collegiate rewards points to wrestlers for control of their opponents. Control of an opponent down on the mat is called “riding time”. In college riding time is awarded one point if the time exceeds a minute. (The Young Wrestler, pg 23)
There are many other ways to score in wrestling. Scoring in wrestling includes: takedowns, reversals, penalties, near falls, riding time, and escapes. Takedowns are a great way...

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