'write 150 250 Words On These Four Topics': A Bad Time, A Big Think, The One I Turn To, And Things I Look Forward To Every Week!

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A Bad Time - Ted BurkinsA bad experience in my life would have been the time where I broke my arm in primary school. It was painful and a shit time because I couldn't really do anything but sit and watch my friends enjoy themselves.During primary school in year 5, I was running to the oval to play with my friends when I accidentally tripped over a rock on the cement and broke my left elbow. It was very painful and I couldn't move my entire left arm. My friends witnessed the fall and quickly called the teacher for help. The teacher carefully lifted me up and quickly took me into the sick room until my parents came to drive me to the hospital. I was lucky to escape an operation, but they put a cast on my entire arm and I was in agony for the next few weeks. The doctors advised me that I wasn't allowed to play any sports for about three to four months.All I could do was sit under the tree during period breaks and watch my friends have fun.Things I look forward to every weekSomething I look forward to every week is the weekends. The weekends gives you time to relax and reflect back on how things are and where they are going. You don't have to worry about getting up for school tomorrow, you can sleep in , and you have lots of opportunities to do whatever you want you cant do during school days.On my weekends I usually sleep in, catching up on homework, also finishing off assignments and work, watch TV, help parents with choirs, or spend time with friends. Sometimes I go to the park, a cafe, or just spend the weekends with my family. When I don't have homework, or have nothing to do, I go to the near by video store and rent some movies to watch.I also look forward to mums cooking every Saturday. She cooks delicious traditional Vietnamese meals every Saturday for our family and our grandparents. We have a big family get together and...

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1260 words - 5 pages . I couldn’t wait for my parents to come in my room at night and read to me from The Cat in the Hat. I think that this is one of the popular books that parents should read to their children. Every time my parents read to me, I tried to say the words along with them. As a result, anytime I had problems pronouncing a word, my mother made me sound the word out until I sounded it correctly. She told me to take each word, syllable by syllable

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1339 words - 5 pages like gambling. I think that iswhy it's exciting.I realized this when I was twelve years old, during the summer of '93, aboutnine years ago. I went to Andros Karperos Middle School and had friends fromschool that I hung out with regularly. Steve was my age. He was a short andstocky fellow with red hair. Steve was the smartest one of my friends. He hadalways helped me with my homework. Sam was also twelve. He had long brownhair. Sam was as skinny

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6580 words - 26 pages liability insurance, and if they can provide references. Customers are also interested in any other kinds of services that the pet sitter can provide while the pet is in their care. Pet sitter services often offer to walk the dog, water the plants if needed, turn on the light, open the house curtains and close them before they leave, pick up the newspaper and bring in the mail. These small services give a home a "lived in" look while owner is away.The

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765 words - 3 pages fights for what he believes in and never gives up a freedom fighter or a peace maker."Odysseus has proven to me that he has the qualities to be considered a hero, but still shows himself as a human. A human who has "driven across some bumpy roads" and still kept his sanity.Odysseus has his ups and his downs. Even though there is only one downs that comes to mind it still is playing a large part in Odysseus being a hero. The only time I can think of

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573 words - 2 pages don't, now do you? You don't like the cold, uh uh, not Emily! Oh you're such a good girl, yes you are, my little baby!""That'll be $5.18, ma'am. How would you like to pay?""Oh hold on a second, let me just check if I have change."The woman put down her bundle of keys, which contained a BMW remote control, a few silver keys, one with a light pink accent, and a key chain. The key chain was a picture of her with her husband on her wedding day on one

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605 words - 2 pages . Another glance at the clock and I start to put my supplies into my backpack. My stomach begins to growl, as I lay my head back on my backpack and patiently wait for time to tick away.I flip my head and face the acoustic textured wall and day dream about what if each little dot is a new galaxy or planet, imagining what a big universe we live in. Finally broken from my elaborate fantasy were the words "Class dismissed," followed by the abrupt sound of fondling papers and backpack zippers. As I stand and take my leave an excitingly dreadful thought crossed my weary mind; "Thank God class is only on Mondays and Wednesdays."-2-

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566 words - 2 pages understanding.... as most teenagers are simple ... and don't think about politicsNick: um yea I dint really care about that the government at the momentKylie: that they are fighting for what they believe is right and are dispersed over a large amount of areas to produce optimum opportunities for New ZealandersWhat are other forms of government?AnarchyAnarchy is a situation where there is no government.This can happen after a civil war in a

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575 words - 2 pages Abortion in the United States is one of the most controversial subjects. The two main arguments are Pro Life and Pro Choice. I have been raised Catholic my whole life and my religion tells me to be Pro Life. As I have grown and become my own person I now believe in Pro Choice. One of the reasons I have come to this conclusion is because of the circumstances these pregnant mothers have been put in. A lot of people believe that if a teenager girl

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832 words - 4 pages shoes glide on with an odd sense of ease. “They are way too big. I can’t walk without my heel springing out.” Mom says, “It says they are a ten and a half.” “Well they sure don’t feel like it.” “Ok, try these.” She hands me a painfully narrow pair of black and white Pumas. I look at them, then at my mother, then back at the pair of shoes. I can almost feel the agonizing squeeze of the narrow, leather/cloth-laden shoes just by looking at them. I

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815 words - 3 pages nanotechnology takes place on many different levels in many different ways. For example, "Moore's law states that circuit density will double every 18 months" (Tucker, 35). However, there is a limit to the size we can build transistors with conventional techniques. Nanotechnology could, by building structures atom by atom, conceivably create circuit features 15nm in size (current average size is about 90nm) (Tucker). However, at the present time

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