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Write A Biographical Oral On Someone You Find Inspirational: Audrey Hepburn

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I am from australia and in my final couple of weeks of highschool. I wrote this oral as my last piece of assessment for english. I got a B+ for it. Recommended changes: australian spelling to american (watch out for the misplacement of "s" instead of "z". BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDED.2,081 words.--------------------------------------When I was asked to come here and speak today about someone who I found inspirational or motivating - I was stumped. I scouted around until someone mentioned; Audrey Hepburn. I abruptly halted and thought to myself she's just an actress with a classic image. However I was intrigued and began to research hre. I discovered that she was an amazing woman:Audrey Hepburn, known for her starring roles in films such as Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and My Fair Lady, dedicated the last years of her life to helping children in need around the world.Hepburn was born on May 4th 1929 in Brussels, Belgium. While she was still at a young age her parents divorced. Hepburn then went to London with her mother to commence her schooling, only to later move to her mother's country of origin, Holland. During her school holidays in Arnhem, Holland, Hitler's army invaded the town. It was here that she fell on hard times during the Nazi occupation. Hepburn later confessed to eating tulip bulbs and tried to bake grass into bread during the struggling days of the War. Hepburn suffered acute anaemia, depression, respiratory problems and edema, due to malnutrition. While recovering, with the help of aid workers, she volunteered at sixteen to work in a Dutch hospital. The hospital received many wounded soldiers from the war. I admire that in spite of Hepburn's physical health and mental state, she began to help others and at such a young age. Even after the War Hepburn would not cease helping others.After the liberation, Audrey went to a ballet school in London on a scholarship that she received from working with the Dutch Underground, performing ballet pieces to collect donations for the anti-Nazi effort. Hepburn later began her modeling career. As a model, she was graceful and, it seemed, she had found her place in life - until the film producers came calling.Hepburn was soon signed up for a part in the European film called Dutch in Seven Lessons, in 1948. Later, she had a speaking role in the 1951 film, Young Wives' Tale as Eve Lester. The part still was not much, so she headed to America to try her luck there. She gained immediate prominence in the US with her role in Roman Holiday in 1953. This film turned out to be a smashing success, wining an Oscar for Best Actress. This gained her enormous popularity and more star roles. One of the reasons for her popularity was the fact that she was so "elf-like and had class," according to Times, unlike the stereotypical sex-goddesses of the time. Also unlike many, Hepburn did not neglect her education by the time Roman Holiday was released she was fluent in English, Spanish, French, Dutch/Flemish and...

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