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Write A Book Review Stating Reasons For Your Opinions On The Novel 'two Weeks With The Queen'

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A Book Review on Two Weeks With the QueenMoris Glietzmans novel, Two Weeks With the Queen is a story about a boy called Colin who after discovering that his little brother Luke is dying of cancer sets out to find a cure. During this novel Colin learns much about himself and the world around him. He learns that you have to accept things even if you don't want to, you cant always rely on others and the importance of having family with you during tough times.One of the many lessons Colin learns during the novel is to accept the problems in his life and how to get over them. At first Colin dealt with his problems by ignoring them. 'Just for a second Colins guts went cold, like when he remembered he hadn't done his homework only worse. Then he did what he usually did with his homework. He stopped thinking about it'. By the end of the book Colin had suppressed so many of his true feelings deep down inside himself that they just exploded on him and he burst into tears. After having his cry Colin was able to accept that Luke was dying.When Colin goes to England and tries to talk to the queen, he learns that you can't rely on other, more important people to get things done for you. On arriving in England Colin makes a crazy plan to break into Buckingham Palace to ask the queen if he can borrow her doctor. He was sure her doctor would be the best doctor in the world and would be totally capable of curing Luke's cancer. This attempt...

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