Write A Creative Writing Peice To Do With Tradgedy And Triumph. Aprox 900 1000 Words

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A Smokey DayThe Germans no longer covered the burning hills around them. The only shooting Martin heard was far away. There were still plenty of screams, though, plenty of moans and breathless prayers. The Germans had not bothered to come down and check on their handiwork, and were too occupied to miss a couple hundred Allied soldiers, a quarter of whom, judging by the noises and the movement, were still alive.One man, not even five feet from Martin, had suffered the misfortune of having part of his brains blown away. The man lay with arms outstretched and eyes staring blankly at the clouds. His jaw was slack. His breath came in ragged gasps; each exhalation was accompanied by bloody froth foaming from the mouth. Strings of brain matter hung loosely from a deep crease in the top of the soldier's head. The face was vaguely familiar. Martin felt he might have recognized it when it if it was better lit by reason.Martin tried to stand. He crumpled immediately, swearing foul things by the Lord's name while at the same time praying for relief. His leg had an awkward feel to it; it was like holding the limb of some dead animal and watching it swing to and fro lifelessly. He feared that the bone was shattered.He slowly realized that he was one of the fortunate ones. Most of his companions had been hit at least twice by the lethal M60's the German wielded, some several times. Martin was blessed in that he only took one bullet.Astonished to hear a human voice form actual words, Martin Anderson turned toward its source. Billy Parkins was crawling slowly toward him. Parkins had lived on a farm half-a-mile from Martin's own. He seemed distressed and Martin followed the other youth's gaze. The source of Billy Parkins' concern was the fire Martin had seen earlier. It was much closer. Some random spark must have lit the dry grass, and the wind was blowing it into a raging inferno.Billy blinked at the approaching fire. "What are we gonna do, Martin?" he said, in his voice high. "Jesus help us, what are we gonna do?"Martin hesitated a moment, staring into the flames. Shadows danced within them, twisting and writhing darkly, like souls shriveling up; how cruel, Martin thought. Burning away our souls of the men that lay in its path. If we survive, will we carry nothing inside us now but numb ashes of the fellow comrades that lay before it."Listen to me, you fools!" he shouted, and some of the bloody men near Martin looked toward him. "This field is on fire," he told them. "We have to make it over that field yonder -- the river is just beyond it."Several red-and-black faces nodded in agreement. Many...

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1546 words - 6 pages , but you've got to give yourself a break." She rubbed my shoulders. "This is my first opportunity to write for the front page and I'm not going to screw it up!" I'm tired, I know I shouldn't have yelled. "Fine. Stay up. But if you ask me, all you need to show is a little passion for the topic." Silence. My mind mulls over the suggestion. "What?" "Passion? You know… What do you think about the issue?" She tousles my hair. "Um, well I never

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1894 words - 8 pages Creative Writing JournalMATTI have never been so in love with someone in my entire life! Every minute I am not with her I feel like dying- like throwing up- like holding my breath until she is near me. Photography is my new favourite subject. That's when Jenna is and that's where I met her. From the moment her eyes met mine we were in love with each other. We didn't even need to say anything. When I finally got over my nerves I asked her how she

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876 words - 4 pages Magic of WordsSometimes small words said by right person at the right time do big magic. My boarding experience did just that. I hope at the end of this story I convince everyone sitting in this room to realize that simple words you say can change someone's life. After my 6th grade, I was sent to the boarding school, which according to my parents was the best option for me. I was really interested in playing soccer and I was also getting a

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5008 words - 20 pages say, "Very good honey, now how do you spell Denver?" The walls in his house were paper-thin and that annoyed him. Allen continued to spell the same two words in rapid repetition as if he were amusing himself. Cheryl was laughing and joking with her son. After about ten minutes of this, "Luke" was appalled at himself for wishing that Cheryl and Allen would shut the hell up. They were driving him mad, although they were not aware of it; He would

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1013 words - 4 pages , making little jumps with his foots trying to get it, but I didn't know what it was, since the sumo's gigantic wrist occupied most of my sight. "Um...sir... I think your son is going to..." "Do not interrupt me! So like I was telling you boy, if you don't be careful with your actions, you will probably end breaking your dream into tiny pieces, and will create chaos in your..." *CRASH!* a loud noise interrupted him, When the man turned to look what

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921 words - 4 pages other school! It wasn't all fun and games anymore. Now we were going to win if it killed me! There was no way I was going to just let those words be stated so matter-a-factly. Stinging pain from where the ball made contact with bare skin was quickly forgotten, even as the ugly red marks remained. The biting wind whips my hair in my face, and my eyes squinted in the icy cold. But my teeth were set defiantly. I had a cause- I had a mission.It's

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1379 words - 6 pages yourself up. You'll need it." She looked around the room for a few seconds. "Here. You'll need these too." She said as she tossed Jordan's hiking boots over to her side of the hotel room. Joy, Jordan thought. Another fun-filled day of hiking up that hideous trail with the icky tarantulas and huge scorpions as well as other crawly creatures. She was a city girl, and her and The Great Outdoors didn't get along very well. They just couldn't see eye to

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729 words - 3 pages grief arose in her throat, and her head throbbed with pain. But she kept silent, because she had learnt to do so now. The way she had learnt to adjust to her new surroundings in this alien, hostile country, and had learnt to accept the countless jeers and merciless teasing and bullying from people around her. She was an Asian- and that was all that mattered.With a heavy heart, Naseem walked out of the stall in the secluded corner of the girl's

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2406 words - 10 pages Now.A separate poem that there is no such love involved it is on a matter of sex and sexual morals.Different ways writing about love include:Our Love Now: Language and style written from left to right positive to negative the male character having the positive idea about the relationship and the women having the negative idea about the relationship depending on an ambiguous situation before the poem was written.*To His Coy Mistress: Language and

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4896 words - 20 pages that envelope, would it be the key to new chances or the perfect recipe for disaster. She was now outside a big white door, with a golden handle and imprinted on the door were the words: CLAIRE MICCHIGAN OFFICE. She took in a deep breathe and knocked twice. 'Come in' came Claire's voice, in its usual sweet high pitched tone. Rachel entered, the office was a tranquil and tidy place, it had a big wooden desk which Claire was sitting behind in her

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