Write A Memoir As A Migrant Coming To Australia. Describe The Varying Experiences You Had And The Hardships You Faced.

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Dear Paolo Speranza, I am Lucia Pante, the wife of Giuseppe Lima and the mother of Julius, Giorgio and Isabella. I was born in Possagno, northern Italy in 1929.I spent my childhood there and in Genoa for the rest of my time in Italy. There was not much left for people in Italy after WWII, Australia was seen as a country of opportunities that would provide us with a better life. This was the reason as to why we decided to move here and also our impression of the country. As part of the assisted migration scheme, our fares were already taken care of. We had packed two big trunks to take our belongings for our new life in Australia. Apart from clothes, we also brought things relating to our family history including photographs and our wedding gifts. I give you this memoir so that you could understand the experiences we went through as new Australians and the contributions we have made to the country.On 25 May 1953, we left Genoa on a ship called Sydney. The trip was the toughest experience we went through. The conditions of the ship were abysmal. Rats scurried about, ventilation and light were poor. The food and dishes also used to slide from one side of the table to the other and would often end up on the floor. Bed accommodation was disgraceful. It was suffocating inside the cabins at night. There was a lot of chaos as passengers dragged their blankets, fought for space to sleep and went searching for things such as hammocks to sleep on.After two months, we arrived in Melbourne in July. We went straight to the hostel at Bonegilla. Our family had one small room and we had to queue up for meals at the dinning. The food was inadequate-overcooked pasta with a grey coloured sauce. Our children developed severe cases of illnesses including dysentery. Unlike some other Italian families who brought furnellos-small cooking pot, we were penniless and had no access to cooking our own food. I was very unhappy so I rang uncle Rosso for help. He gave us a house in East Sydney to live temporarily in rent-free.In 1956, Giuseppe left home to work at the Snowy mountains scheme in order to keep the family going. I later began joining embryonic groups consisting of Italian immigrants who were lonely and incompetent in English just like me. Although we were discriminated for doing this, we still practiced Holy days, did singing etc. to preserve Cultural ethic traditions. In the 1950s-1960s, Australia's immigration policy was guided by the ideal of assimilation. 'New Australians' were expected to fit in with existing Anglo-Celtic customs and abandon their own. I did not want my children to follow this so I took them to these groups to remind them of their culture. This outraged Australians because they had expected us to follow this...

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