Write A Report Of A Summary Court Hearing In A Magistrates' Court.

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Parole is advantageous to the offender, to the State, and to society as a whole for various reasons.While some commentators regard parole as an early release optionthat puts the public at unnecessary risk, others argue that parole allowsthe re-integration of offenders into the community and provides betterprospects for rehabilitation. Discuss the pros and cons of parole. Doyou think parole is currently over-utilised or under-utilised in Australia,or do you think the proper balance has been struck?Parole, in criminal law terms, is a "the supervised conditional release of a prisoner before the expiration of his or her sentence." (Griffith University Study Guide, 2007) The word parole is also broadly used to signify a release of an inmate on specific conditions. Parole is usually granted to a prisoner in recognition of past good conduct, prior to imprisonment and or while serving time. If a parolee is in violation of parole they are likely to be apprehended and returned to prison to serve out the maximum prison sentence. (US Parole Commission website, 2004). Parole is only given if the inmate shows adequate rehabilitation enough for him to be reintegrated back into the society without causing harm or threat to the society. Parole has three main rationales economic, humanitarian, and rehabilitation arguments. In Queensland under the recent amendments to the Corrective services Act prisoners released by the court or parole board will be issued with a parole order. This act has in a way placed certain restrictions on parole and parolees. Parolees must comply with the strict requirements of the parole order or risk returning to jail. Depending upon jurisdiction, parole dates may be recommended by the sentencing judge or magistrate. However, whether or not an offender is released on parole is determined by a parole board (or some similar body) which reviews the offenders progress in prison.Parole helps the offender to get a job as well as saves the state money in terms of expenditure. Parole protects society because it helps former prisoners get established in the community and therefore hinders situations which may lead to a new offence. Thirdly, parole prevents needless imprisonment of those who are not likely to commit further crimes and who meet the criteria for parole. Parole is advantageous to the offender, to the State, and to society as a whole for a number of reasons. Firstly, Parole in a sense helps to counter the effects of prisonisation on the convict so that he or she becomes more and more adjusted in the society. The offender has the benefit of a shorter time behind bars and a period of time under supervision to adjust to life on the outside while still having access to essential support services. A parolee receives assistance from a parole officer concerning employment, residence, finances, or other personal problems that the parolee may experience in the process of adjustment to life upon release from prison. parole protects society by...

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3019 words - 12 pages for the appellant should be granted or overturned (R.v.Feeney,1997). The decision for the appeal at the Supreme Court came in a 5-4 spilt ruling by La Forest, Cory, Iacobucci, Major JJ and was delivered by Sopinka. In their decision the appeal of Mr. Feeney was granted, the court set aside the evidence and ordered a new trial. Sopinka determined the appellant’s rights under section 8 and section 10(b) were violated during the actual arrest and


1827 words - 7 pages between one another. Is there a sense of tension in the court? How serious are lawyers and what does this say about the CJS? The basis of my research has been collated from Stoke-on-Trent Magistrates court.RESEARCH-MAGISTRATESThe roles of the Magistrates are essential within a Magistrates court, as they are the ultimate decision makers. They decide the most appropriate action to be taken. This could range from issuing warrants, granting bail


945 words - 4 pages . In the middle of the room there is a place for the defendant who seats on the left hand side and plaintiff on the right hand side that in this case is the crown. The layout of the court is diagrammatically represented in Page 6.3. Court proceedingsWhen the magistrate came into the room, everyone bowed to the magistrate. The court proceeding was started when the magistrate called the defendant and stated the case.l Role of the judge or magistrate

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2098 words - 8 pages evidence. There is also the Court Officer who has a similar role to the sheriff's officer. However it is there main obligation to maintain order in the court and to administer the oath. There job is important especially if something get out of hand during the hearing then they have the authority to arrest someone.Another important role is the court reporter or also known as stereographs. It is there job to write down official proceedings in a case

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2890 words - 12 pages target than myself; I having a somewhat more powerful position than you and at least as much talent for rhetoric as Nicostratus. I fear that Nicostratus' dislike of myself, and the views that we may share in the matter of politics, are his prime motivations for indicting you.Yes, unfortunately Nicostratus has used his treasured democratic system to commit a great injustice, and has so expertly misled the Ecclesia as to the seriousness of your

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1551 words - 6 pages necessarily a just trial? What does Meletus deliver to the jury that helps them come to the conclusion that Socrates is guilty? We answer these questions by examining the justice, if there was any, in the courtroom of Socrates vs. Meletus. When you look at why Meletus brought Socrates to court, the “evidence” that Meletus brought against Socrates, and the length of the hearing, you will see that justice was not carried out in Socrates’ trial

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2108 words - 8 pages In observing Municipal Court at Jefferson County Court House there were many adolescences present. Thought there were older adults, the adolescences or delinquents seems to make up a number of the people there. The thought is, is there an effect the young adults there or reason why young adults are seen in municipal court. When observing the present of the adolescences was interested because of the fact that most were told to shape up or they

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2366 words - 9 pages charged with committing an offence is required to attend a hearing in the court. As mentioned earlier, a large percentage of the criminal cases in England and Wales are handled by the magistrate courts. The cases heard in a magistrate’s court are divided into summary offences (lesser offences), Either-way offences (cases that can also be heard in a crown court before a judge) and indictable-only offences (serious offences such as murder

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706 words - 3 pages punishments they carry cannot exceed 6 months imprisonment with a $2000 fine. An example of a Summary Conviction Offense would be Mischief. Someone accused of a Summary Conviction Offense will come to court, and be tried in the Criminal Division of, in this case, the Provincial Court of B.C. They are tried by a Judge, who acts as the trier-of-law, and the trier-of-fact. The Judge must interpret the facts, and decide using the law if the accused committed

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1726 words - 7 pages examine myself and others, I had abandoned my post for fear of death or anything else” (Apology 31). A more justifiable indictment brought against Socrates could be: refusing to believe in any god whatsoever, perhaps parallel to a modern-day Atheist’s outlook on religion and God. Ultimately, after reading Plato’s Apology, the irregular duration of the court hearing, lasting only one day was uncovered. The accusations brought against Socrates by

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1995 words - 8 pages with the deputy chairman and the chairman of any sub-committees or panels which the MCC operate. The magistrates court deals with around 95% of all criminal cases in Adult and Youth courts in England and Wales. If someone commits a criminal offence they must be brought before a magistrate as soon as possible. All summary offences are heard in the magistrates court. These are minor offences that can only be