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Write A Speech To Your School, Stating How Your Understanding Of Human Experience Has Changed, In Your Speech Refer To Two Henry Lawson Poems And Two Related Texts

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Do you know what human experience is?Human experiences are ones thoughts, activities and events that shape someone in day-to-day life. For example a long distance runner one day has an accident and has to get his leg cut off. They have to change their whole life around to becoming a Para Olympian.This year, Book Week 2004 has based their stories on human experiences with a range of books from children books to seniors and adult's books. The Four texts that I will discuss today are two of Henry Lawson's short stories " The Loaded Dog" and "The Drovers Wife", the Australian short film, "One night the moon" directed by Rachel Perkins. And the thrilling short story by Allan Baillie, "Train Game". Both short stories by Henry Lawson text encounter the experience of the Australian Bush and the dangers we face while living there. "One night the moon" tells the story of the search for a little girl who follows the moon and gets lost in the country. "Train Game" portrays the childish behaviour of two young boys on a train. And the fatal death of their friend "Debbie" cause by there action."The Loaded Dog" by Henry Lawson is a short story about the catastrophe incidences of a dog carrying a bomb and his three masters. "The Loaded Dog" shows us that the things you plan don't always happen the way you imaged and can turn a tragic story into a humours event. The way the reader receives these insights are though the literary techniques such as narration and the use of humour, mainly slapstick and ironic. The 1st technique is expressed in the story in two ways, though the bushman's drawl "El-lo, Da-a-ve! Hows the Fishin' getting on, Da-a-ve?" and the very dry scene of humour of the Australian Bushman. Humour is used in the story to create the scene of how Australian bushman are so carefree.The effect of this technique is to challenge the audience's perception of how funny they found the idea of the dog running around with a bomb in his mouth. An example of slapstick humour is when "Jim tried to climb higher and the sapling bent and cracked." " Jim Fell on this feet and ran." The humour in Lawson's story "The Loaded Dog" portrays humour through extremely physical and funny actions creating the audience's reaction of laughter. It also constructs a very visual image to show the reader how the bushman in Lawson's story views this particular situation.Lawson focuses on his narration rather than developing the characters in great detail. This way Lawson gives us an insight into the characters through a sequence of events. Lawson describes the characters as good-hearted men who have a strong sense of mateship. Lawson's techniques convey subtle emotional messages to the reader, ultimately resulting in a broader understanding of the plot, the story's message, and the characters.Stories such as this are great examples of the brilliant plan where a group of friends comes up with a crazy idea to combat a problem. These stories are constructed in believable ways through the...

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