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Write An Article Arguing For Or Against The Use Of Mobile Phones And Technology In Schools

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Nowadays science and Technology has been advance and develop also. We are now living in a modern society, in which the standard of our living is improving day by day. The use of modern technology has become an essential part of our life. Nowadays the mobile phones have also become an essential part of our life because everywhere the people are using it for e.g. even the students are also using them in their daily life. The students are using mobile phones for calling, text and messaging and do all sorts things. The advance technology has affected the schools also. However the cell phones have become an essential part of our life. It is used in primary school, secondary, light schools and even in sixth forms also. If supposing you are sitting in your class room and all the students are busy studying then you head a separated, rhythm and ringtone sound. Then the silence of the class is disturbed by this sound. This is a serious problem, which is faced by all the teachers and all the students. The ringtone of the cell phone disturbs the whole class. It effects the cycle of educated and learning also. There are rules in the schools also. But it looks as if in schools student don’t listen to the rules. It means that rules are made to be broken. Whatever the rules are the students will use the cell phones. The question arises in mind that do we really need a mobile phone in school? Do we ban the cell phone in schools? No not really but on the other hand if the argument is against the cell phones then the next is for the cell phones. It is useful because the parents give their children cell phones and allow them to buying in schools. For instance supposing their get in some kind of trouble, the parents can contact them by their cell phones. They allow the cell phones for safety season. In my opinion it is not bad especially for girls. Nowadays our surroundings have become very dangerous. Too much crime is being done for e.g rape, theft and kidnapping so on. So just for safety reasons parents give their children mobile phones. There are advantages and disadvantages of all phones. When we see the disadvantages of mobile phones but on thee other hand we can also see the advantages of this devices....

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