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Write About A Moral Dilemma Effecting The World Today (Racism)

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A moral dilemma involves a situation in which someone has only two courses of action available, and each requires performing an action that is morally wrong. A moral dilemma that can be witnessed or experienced in a neighborhood, school, or home is that of racism. Race issues are so important and so many in American society that they seem almost required. Some people feel that being a Caucasian person is a direct symbol of superiority among the other races. These individuals are the ones who respond to people of color differently, which leads to verbal or physical violence amongst a group.Just as one single person can behave in a racist way, so can many institutions. These places can also behave in racist ways, for example, specifically excluding people of color from an activity or service, or making some rule that is not directly meant for the exclusion of a colored person, but results in this nonetheless. There is no time for racism in the world and it should not be tolerated by anyone. Racial discrimination started as early as when the colonists first settled in the America and began their conquest of Native American tribes and lands that had been there for years, and have been the foundation for the establishment of such hate groups as the KKK and other white supremacy groups.Racism as a whole deprives the affected groups of their basic human rights, dignity, and respect that they are born into the world with. It is believed that the start of racism is at the home. Parents can be responsible for teaching their own children to hate, or to set examples by their own actions, while their children teach their children, and as the cycle continues it can be seen how quickly and easily racism can spread throughout the world.Not surprisingly, it's rare today for someone to admit to being a...

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