Write About A Time When You Experienced A Serious Clash Of Loyalties

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Write about a time when you experienced a serious clash of loyalties.I have never been so emotionally pained for my entire life. Sara and I were friends since primary. We immediately clicked. We shared interests, hobbies, and developed a deep trust and loyalty for one another. I shared my most sacred thoughts and secrets with her and she did the same with me. We went places together. We hung out together. We enjoyed being around each other. It was the kind of close life-long friendship which is very rare to find these days.But one day, Sara called me and said, "I do not want you to contact me for any reason for the foreseeable future. Nor will I contact you. Our friendship is over. Don't worry. I'll be okay. But we just can't be friends anymore." I was stunned…How could she betray our loyalty, friendship and trust that we had built for over 10 years? I felt hurt like never before. And I was also worried about Sara and her extremely strange behaviour. I thought that I must have done something wrong that upset or insulted her, though I couldn't recall anything I may have done. I asked her but she had insisted that wasn't an issue. So, what was the issue? I waited around two weeks, and numerous calls went unanswered, emails disregarded. She was totally ignoring me.Finally, I left her a very clear voicemail saying that after all we had been through what she was doing to me was extremely unfair. I deserved the courtesy of a face to face conversation and a real explanation as to what was going on.Later that day, Sara called me back and asked to come over. I thought I was finally going to get an understanding as to what was wrong with my best friend. But I got nothing of the sort. Instead Sara yelled at me and said, I wasn't a true friend, I wasn't there for her when she needed me the most. I cried for a long time, mourning our longstanding friendship that died for no apparent reason.It was a complete mystery to me. I tried to figure it out what was actually wrong but there was truly nothing I had done wrong to her and Sara refused to discuss it. Our families remained friends. Our sisters went to the same school. We bumped into each other every so often. I felt extremely angry and hurt. I wanted to forgive, but I couldn't. I was hurt really badly. I tried to convince myself and find reasons to forgive her. So, I decided to try and explain to Sara what she had done that had...

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