Write An Account Of Barriers To Communication Which Are Specific To Your Line Of Business. (Subject: Business Communication)

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I work for one of the biggest Financial Institutions in the country. This Financial Institution has the tallest building in the country. The building does not have open windows but glasses all over. The structure of the building was built with two glass walls supported by concrete structures, separated by one meter passage all round the building. Since the windows do not have openings, the air circulating inside the building is being pumped in and circulated by a powerful air conditioning system. Although this building is a world of its own, inside the building there are several barriers to communication that I have observed. The Financial institution housed inside this building is going through a restructuring exercise and change management. This paper discusses the following barriers to communication in this organization: noise during communication, differing perceptions, language problems, distrust, resistance to change and emotional communication.NOISEAs mentioned above that the company is going through a restructuring exercise and change management, the most pronounced noise in this company is metaphorical noise. This noise results from competing demands upon staff attention such as domestic problems employees are experiencing resulting from long hours at work, some up to midnight. There is too much demand on the staff time, at home and at work. Further, as a result of the restructuring exercise staffs have a feeling of insecurity. They feel they may be told any time to pack their bags and go. Staff is also distrustful of management who seem not to be open to employees on issues taking place.The noise produced by the powerful air conditioning system that circulates air within the building always distracts continuous flow of communication. Not to be out done is the company's security department which usually uses the building's intercom system to convey non emergency messages disturbing everyone in the building including those having meetings.DIFFERING PERCEPTIONSPeople see things differently. In my company many things are being said about senior management. Typical examples are when the restructuring was embarked on; some staff members who deserved promotion were promoted. Some people interpreted these promotions as favouritism and accused management of regionalism or nepotism. This interpretative perception has resulted in low moral to other employees, which has adversely affected the work of the institution. Our clients who are other financial institutions are now complaining about the poor service being provided by disgruntled staff.LANGUAGE PROBLEMSMost differences in perception are caused by differences in visual and or spoken interpretations. The type of language used may be totally misunderstood by people of different cultural backgrounds. In my organisation there are three major ethnic groups, the Shona speaking people, the Ndebele speaking people and the White Zimbabweans. There are times when some of the words used by the Ndebele...


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