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Exchange Needles Program
The issue presented by Dr. Cohen is about the legalization of clean-needles exchange programs. Due to its effectiveness in reducing the rate of and preventing new cases of blood transmitted diseases, Cohen believed that federal and state legislature should approve legalize such programs, particularly in CA.
Opponents of clean-needle exchange legalization disagree. The opposition claims that needles exchange programs will increase injection drug use among addicts, and will cause improper disposals of infected needles on the streets of their community. However, according to study done by the American Medical Association, the National Institutes of Health, the General ...view middle of the document...

Antipsychotic Drugs
The issue in question by Sowell is whether coercing inmates, whose names had already on death rows, to take antipsychotic drugs so designated sentences could be executed should be banned. Sowell believed that drugs are not supposed to use in the purpose of curing death row inmates with psychotic problems so their death sentences could be served. Proponents of the ban agree with Sowell.
Since the question is not about ethicality in such practice, a factor needs to consider here is if the psychotic are really given for the sole purpose of executing the death row inmates? As study have indicated, psychotic drugs have been given to cure, treat, and protect insane inmates, despite their sentence statuses. Moreover, the Supreme Court prohibited the execution of an insane person or presumed unsoundly mentally challenge person. Thus, the only difference between one insane prisoner from another insane prisoner in being forced to take their prescribed drugs is the charges that would eventually determine their fates. If they had been charged with death sentences, then they must face it once they are “cured.” As Judge Wollman stated, “Eligibility for execution is the only unwanted consequences of the medication” (Mangino, 2013, para. 4). Thus, supporters of the ban must realize that the practice of prescribing inmates psychotic drugs will always be for...

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