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Write An Essay About The Food Selection Patterns Within Your Household And Give Relevant Examples

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Food Selection Patterns provides vivid insight into an individuals eating habit over a period of time and allows us to view at contributing factors to food selection patterns including physiological, psychological and social factors.Within the household, rice has certainly been our main significant resource in life as it provides enough energy for us to cope through the day. It is also well known as a 'staple food' throughout all Asian countries as well as being socially accepted throughout the world.Over the past several years, a healthy diet has become an importance to my family due to the fact that a genetic disease does exist. Although in previous years it has been passed down to the ...view middle of the document...

Today, I enjoy eating more fruit and vegetables as I have become highly concerned of my weight and because of this reason I had become a vegetarian for over a year, unfortunately, my body began to crave for meat and my mind soon gave in to my body.The media has impacted negatively towards my family's food selection as famous celebrities and models has developed an ideal image for the female body as being slim and are promoting products and diets to help us become thin. My parents are against this attitude as they believe being skinny is not the same as being fit and healthy. They encourage us to skip meals and exercise more often; however, we believe consuming less salt, sugar and fats and more fruit and vegetables is more appropriate. At the age of twelve, I was once under the influence of the media, they were promoting diets pill to shed weight quick and easy, however I did not understand it was not the best and healthiest way to lose weight and i bought the pills. I eventually became overly obsessed with my weight and consumed more than recommended and fell ill vomiting all night.Psychological is a major factor influencing on our food selection and they may include values, attitudes, emotions, experiences and self concept. From memory, when I am unhappy or in an emotional state, I have a habit of stuffing my face with ice-cream. I was sitting on a bench waiting for my brother after school and I was really upset he was late to pick me up as i have always been afraid of being alone. A teacher had saw me crying so he stopped to see if I was alright, he then mentioned to me that when he was unhappy, he would go and eat something sweet to make him feel happy. Afterwards, it has become a habit of my own; however, due to my self-consciousness of my weight, I had changed that habit to taking my frustration out in the gym. From this experience I have understood that food creates a feeling of warmth and your mind can strongly...

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