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Write An Essay Comparing One Judith Wright Poem And One Gwen Harwood Poem With An Issue Or Theme From The Wedding Of Zein.Doc.

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In Tayel Salih's "the wedding of Zein", Judith Wright's poem "The precipice" and Gwen Harwood's "The spelling prize", all three texts describe an individual's uniqueness and difference, both physical and mental - Zein's physical awkwardness; the woman in "The precipice" commits suicide who has emotional difficulties who is unknown to the readers; and the persona in "The spelling prize" who recalls herself as a very good word speller comparative to the other kids. All the three writers use the fact that every individual is unique, to bring up an issue or a conflict with the society, as well as in a reflection of human nature.Both Gwen Harwood's poem and "the wedding of Zein" concentrate on describing the relationship among people, and personality of each character plays an important role. Especially in "the wedding of Zein", the awkward looking man, however, has a special character. He forms a group of his own, and he is close to the very much respected man in the village Haneen, but also the isolated one like the deaf. Zein also shows his good inside nature by visiting his friend's grave in the wedding. This raises up the reader's interests in Zein, and even lead them to like his character. In "The spelling prize", the persona loses her innocence as a child, unlike Zein she shows the selfishness she has for getting the prize and this is what makes her unpopular among the others. Both texts portray the characters in details and lead the readers to further investigate in their nature, plus drawing a conclusion of their relationship with the surroundings.Both Salih and Wright raise up unusual features in "the wedding of Zein" and "The precipice". In the short story, Zein is described whose neck "stood on two powerful shoulders that straddled the rest of the body, forming a triangle", Salih writes in a humorous language and detailedly describe Zein's physical appearance using the "triangle" as a metaphor. In the poem, Wright describes the woman jumping off a cliff with two children, which is not seen as a typical suicide to the readers, but is much more sorrowful. Both Zein's abnormal appearance and the woman's suicide is not seen as "human" to the readers because it is what the society rejects; however the two writers create two very different tones to the readers. As a reader I also laugh at the humorous description of Zein, but I see the woman's suicide as an issue, because I pay sympathy on her.The persona in Gwen Harwood's "The spelling prize" feel ironically ashamed after winning the prize; prize means other people's praise and the winner is seen as outstanding, however in the poem the persona is not appreciated but she is despised and isolated by the others; the readers will not feel happy but embarrassed for her.The main characters, Zein in the short story and the embarrassed persona in the poem are both placed in an ironic situation. Both writers capture some very true but hidden ugly aspects of human nature. As a reader I feel a more...

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