Write An Evaluation Of How Effective You Think The Dubble Campaign Has

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Write an evaluation of how effective you think the Dubble campaign has
been so far and how your advertising has aimed to reach Dubble’s target
audience eff.

The Dubble Campaign:

‘Write an evaluation of how effective you think the Dubble campaign
has been so far and how your advertising has aimed to reach Dubble’s
target audience effectively.’

In October 2000, Comic Relief and The Day Chocolate Company teamed up
with Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of 35,000 Ghanaian cocoa farmers, to
launch Dubble, a unique chocolate bar aimed at 10 -16 year olds.

In January 2001, Dubble was introduced to the public through a
‘chocolate challenge’ competition launched by Comic Relief on the Live
and kicking show. The competition was to design a wrapper for Dubble.
In October, Dubble was launched onto the shelves of supermarkets and
outlets. Free bars were given away in Smash Hits and Match magazines.
A Dubble website was developed featuring a web link between schools in
Ghana and the U.K. Dubble advertisements were featured on T.V,
magazines and the Internet, all media widely used by teenagers.

Dubble is part of the Fair Trade campaign, which ensures that farmers
in developing countries, who grow crops like cocoa used in chocolate
making, are paid fairly for their products.

Fair Trading and links with Comic Relief are important attributes for
Dubble. The Fair Trade link helps children understand Dubble’s aim-
helping Ghanaian cocoa farmers. Additionally, the fact that Comic
Relief is a globally popular charity, well known by 10-16 year olds,
enhances Dubble’s popularity.

The Day Chocolate Company carried out research on the target audience.
They found out that the 10-16 age range was a tribal and friendship
orientated age group, which knew global issues, trusted the ideas
behind comic relief and understood the concept of ‘fairness,’ but were
unfamiliar with Fair Trading. They chose chocolate based on brand
appeal and taste. Therefore, by exploiting links with comic relief and
Fair Trade the target audience would see Dubble as a popular and
trusted product which aimed to increase fairness in the world.

From my market research, I wanted to find out how popular the product
was, and whether any improvements could be introduced. I needed to
ascertain key forms of entertainment used by 10-16 year olds so that
the selling and advertising of Dubble could be more focussed. I needed
to find out the proportion of average pocket money spent on
chocolates, so that Dubble could be priced...

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