Write An Extended Response Beginning With "He Told Me One Last Story. He Used His Aged, Ruined Voice Like An Old Man's Hands To Pick The Lock On His Past..."

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He told me one last story. He used his aged, ruined voice like an old man’s hands to pick the lock on his past, on our past. I lay quietly in a web of tubes, wires and intravenous drips. We both knew that it wasn’t these things that kept me alive; it was his voice. I could still hear it, a warm, familiar rumble amidst the ominous beeps emitted by the numerous life-support machines designed to keep me alive. I was pinned to the bed like a butterfly to a corkboard; any movement would send a searing pain down my neck. So I just watched him, and listened.We met in high school. I was the ‘it’ girl, he was the outcast. My life was one endless party, a constant whirlpool of money, clothes and guys. I was gorgeous and I was the envy of all the people in my school. I knew that, and I lived up to it. I had an insatiable thirst for popularity and attention, thinking that maybe, just maybe, they could make up for the dysfunctional family I went home to every day.I lived in a big house on the corner of the street. I hated that house. It was too big, too empty. My parents were never, ever home. Even when they were, they couldn’t have cared less about what I did with my life. They provided me with an endless supply of cash and freedom, two things I would have readily traded in for just a little bit of their attention.If I was at the top of the social ladder, David would hit rock bottom. He was the kid who lurked in the corners and stayed in during lunchtimes. He kept to himself and people kept their distances. A large part of this was due to the scars that ravaged his face – the result of being caught in a fire many years ago, but what really spooked people was the dark and powerful aura that seemed to permeate the air around him.We had never spoken; my friends avoided him like the plague. I didn’t know much about him either, but I knew that behind that disfigured face was a brilliant mind. He wrote for the school newspaper, and it never ceased to amaze me how such a withdrawn person could churn out articles that were so incredibly engaging. Despite that, I never gave him much thought and I went on with my life of endless, and almost desperate, partying.It was during the end of winter when the staring began. I would catch him watching me from a distance. I don’t know why, but I seemed to be acutely aware of his presence. We would be in a crowded hallway in between classes, and I would just know it when he was nearby. I was always surrounded by my friends though, and I would be too caught up in their incessant gossip to pay much attention to him.The weeks flew by, and the staring intensified until one day, I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I decided to confide in one of my close friends, Gina. It was something I would come to regret later, but I was pretty desperate at that moment. I dragged her into an empty classroom and told her about him and how he was beginning to freak me out. Gina listened with the widest eyes and...

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