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Write A Creative Writing Story On Science

1546 words - 6 pages

The building rose so far into the sky that if one were to look up at it from the bottom, it would appear to be sluggishly falling to its side. Inside the décor was modern, clinical and bland. The courthouse. Brett and Andrew were terrified. Large chrome frames held cabinets which encased the lists of cases to be heard that day, the 5th of November. Scrolling down the lists and there it was in intimidating, bold letters… "Brett V Australia (CTH) 2011 - Commencement: 09:15" Andrew placed a firm hand on Brett's shoulder.Tiny flickers of light danced on their backs and on the black, speckled granite floor. They spun around to a bombardment of light flashing in the space around them. Media frenzy. One can compare the paparazzi to a flock of seagulls, incessantly squawking "mine" and pushing each other over to get to the chip. Except they weren't squawking "mine", they were squawking "Brett", pushing each other over for the best photo and statement. "Brett! Brett," a seagull snapping, "I write for the 'The Australian', give us a statement on your upcoming case today! How are you feeling! What is your message?" Brett shrugged, he didn't like this attention. Clearing his throat, the seagulls went as quiet as they could, awaiting the chip to be thrown. "Um, look I have one simple thing to say. If two people love each other, they should be allowed to marry. Gender aside.""…Gender aside." I said as they furiously wrote down the statement. "And who is representing you," he squawked, "who is your lawyer?" "I will be representing myself, I am a fully qualified barrister." Andrew gently tugged on my arm, and with his movement the seagulls caught as many shots of the show of affection as they could. He then tapped the face of his watch: 08:45. Time to go.The inside of the courtroom was quite different from its cold exterior. Upon entering Andrew and Bret encountered rich, warm wooden chairs, upholstered in regal burgundy. The judges' raised bench enclosed seven robed individuals, wearing powdered wigs. The Crown sat on the right side of the court, expressions fixed into disgruntled staring. Brett and Andrew took their seats on the left. Their area seemed smaller, less dignified. The court was humming with hushed conversations. The seagulls, surprisingly, were silent against the backdrop of sound. Not one wanted to give away any information that the other might not have snapped up. "Order," a plump judge called out, "order in the court!" The humming tailed off. Justice Wheatley was the chief Justice presiding over the court today."… tell me why! Why are the drunks, the abusers, the drug addicts, the gold diggers, the cheaters, all more socially acceptable to wed than the gay community?" Brett preached, facing us. My eyes closed momentarily. That took me aback. The abusers…It was a case I sat… Few people were watching: a suited up woman sat a few seats down, fiddling on her phone; a couple of students sat on the far right;...

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