Write An Newspaper Report On "Maintaining Your Computer" And It's Value To Us.

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Maintaining your computerYou may have noticed that with time your new computer gets slower and has more errors, This problem can be easily solved by maintaining your computer. Maintaining your computer is a very important task, which you must do regularly, however there are ways and means to simplify maintenance,You can use the task scheduler to automatically perform maintenance. First, we will discuss the basic maintenance tools.When you install software on your PC, The installation software (installer) generally writes on a random part of your Hard Disk . When you execute the program, Windows spends time looking for it on the Hard Drive. The Disk defragmenter transfers all data into one specific place. Windows will spend less time searching for programs and you may notice a definite increase in the speed of Windows Explorer. Usually the Disk Defragmenter should be run once a week.Instructions: Click on the start menu and then on All programs In the Accessories submenu you will see a menu called System Tools. In this menu click on Disk Defragmenter. You will see towards the top of the screen, a list of all your physical Hard Drives. Select the System drive, ie: the one that has Windows installed on it. Then click on Defragment. Repeat this process on all your drives.The Disk Cleanup utility cleans up your computer of all unessecary files. Don't worry about losing your personal data like Pictures, Word Documents etc. The utility only...

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