Write And Analysis Of All (Or Part) Of Your Group’s Display

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 Project design
In the manifestation of our display, we used diverse medium to convey the message, which was the story we would like to express to the audience. Next, I will list out each approach we applied in the exhibition.
1. Object
2. Text board
3. Old photographs of triangular model
4. Poster
5. Situational layout
6. QR code
7. Online webpage (http://symingtoncorset.wordpress.com/ )

The relationship of the displayed material, audience, communication and educational impact plays an important role of exhibition and elements of this network are all connected to each other. The performance of display can be affected by the manners how we as curators encoding exhibited medium, ...view middle of the document...

In the case of ‘The Foundation of Family- Perry Gold Symington’, we luckily have the attractive object of corset, which catches audience’s eyes. Regarding of the other designing section, firstly we use ‘symbolic mode’, and ‘iconic mode’ and seek to lead visitors into the world of Symington factory life through the journey of text (text board) reading, image (poster and photographs) seeing and simulation of situated layout (tools of corset making). What we expect is beyond simply make people see and read but also try to inspire them to imagine and feel parts of story by using the composite combination of devices. Second, we create six triangular models with photographs to present in the case, which featured with three-dimensional transparency. The models are tied with fish lines and scattered in either high or low position in the showcase. By applying the installation of the hanging triangular models, it does not only enable audience easily see the pictures from any angle but also pose a vibrant display environment. Third, application of QR code sticker, which tends to be the style of ‘enactive mode’. According to the generosity of smart phone use in current society, we decide to use the technique of QR code scan that allow visitors to link to the online exhibition website with abundant information of story description, pictures of the object, gallery of old factory images, audio of oral history by scanning the code through their mobile phones. We choose to make individuals as subjects that they can actively, physically interact with the exhibition depending on their willingness and this might deepen the audience’s memory of the display through the phone using behaviour. On the other hand, the online display can be identified as a filter of database that prevent the overloaded message at on-site exhibition while people will not be forced to take the information they do not need. However, a group that does not possess smartphone or people who do not familiar with technology application will perhaps be excluded and fail to communicate with display through QR code scanning access. To solve this problem, it seems curators had better prepare printing documents on the exhibition site that people can immediately obtain the further information while visitors do not lose opportunities of knowledge learning.
To summerise the mentioned descriptions, the majority of the exhibition is still limited in the frame of seeing and reading but lack of say and do. It appears that audience is still standing on the position of passively accepting the idea addressed by curators. This probably leads to the result of decreasing people’s attention and lose the willingness to spend time on display as human tend to be more joyful and stay longer in dynamic display space rather than static one.
4. Conclusion
Educational activity and communication can be performed with various kinds of presentations and either any approach of them plays a significant...

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