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Writer Analysis : Devin Friedman

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Devin Friedman is a creative storyteller who incorporates observant details in his writings, which makes the readers feel like as if they are part of the adventure. Devin attended the University of Michigan, and he was awarded as the winner of the Hopwood Contest. This contest was hosted by the university committee who appoints experienced judges and the Ann Arbor community to select winners in different writing divisions. In his recent years, Devin wrote for numerous publications such as The Best American Crime Writing, The Best American Travel Writing, The New York Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, The New Yorker, Esquire, People's Stories, and GQ. Out of the many articles Friedman has written in the past, “The Best Night $500,000 Can Buy,” “Famous People: James Franco,” and “The Unbearable Awkwardness of Being” are the ones I have chosen to read because of the interesting subject matters and the different writing styles.
The first article, “The Best Night $500,000 Can Buy,” portrays the perfect night out in Las Vegas. Devin chronologically takes the reader through a night in one of the famous clubs in Las Vegas, Marquee. He describes the fundamental marketing techniques that promoters use to lure women into the venue, the prices that high-rollers pay to get a VIP access and tables, and the “shitshow” atmosphere where people are dancing as if they are on Ecstasy (some people are actually on drugs). From personal experience, Las Vegas is definitely the Disney World for adults because people can openly consume alcoholic beverages on Fremont Street while enjoying their time at the arcades, night and day clubs, pools, gambling rooms, theme park rides, shopping centers, restaurants, strip clubs, and wedding chapels. Which ultimately leads people to make impulsive decisions to spend copious amounts of money at clubs like Marquee. After reading this article, it made me want to visit Las Vegas again (even though I've been there three times in two years) because of there is no place like that when it comes to partying like a rockstar.
The second article, “The Unbearable Awkwardness of Being,” is a very personable story that Devin wrote about his recent visit to his old high school. I admire the fact that he went out of his way to pick a topic that everybody had to experience at one point of their life. Especially the minuscule details that Devin describes in his story, “a girl peels apart blades of grass, and a boy colors the soles of his show with a Bic pen... a tiny baggy shorts with a dreamy look in his eye floats over,”...

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