Writers Are Made, Not Born Essay

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Hatching new ideas is what writing is all about. From brainstorming to publishing, we all have our own way of going through our process, which makes each writer unique. In the book, “A Troubles Shooting Guide for Writers” by Barbara Fine Clouse, she talks about multiple myths about writers and makes the reader contemplate and classify them as either true or just another myth. It is possible for some writers to have great grammar skills, but not be so great at adding detail with their topics and sub topics. This leads me to one of the myths, by Barbara Fine Clouse, that states, “Writers get it right the first time” We all make mistakes here; it’s human nature.
Like most writers I start off with a bit of prewriting. Where do I get my ideas from? Well ideas can come from anything really, the media, dreams, your surroundings, experiences, or some classic old research. What is prewriting? Prewriting is basically gathering ideas to help you find a topic and better ...view middle of the document...

Be selective the ideas you include. Not everything from your prewriting needs to be included. Pick what you like best and be sure they fit in well with your main topic. Feel free to take breaks every now and then and give yourself some time to let the ideas flow. Before moving onto the next step, be sure you aren’t lacking detail. If you feel you re lacking content, go back to your prewriting and add in some more detail for your topics or even a whole new topic on its own.
What is proofreading? Proofreading is another word for revising, looking at your writing from a different perspective and looking for areas where you could improve a few things by adding some detail or even removing a subtopic as a whole. There are multiple methods to approaching this; you could have another person read over your paper for and leave some notes on anything that can be improved. In high school we would get into groups of 3-5 and read each other’s papers, leave some notes for the writer, then pass it to the next person. It’s a great technique to get some feedback and also take into action on strategies that others used in their paper. After revisions are made be sure to acknowledge what others have said about your paper and take that advice into action.
Time to do your celebration dance for all that is left is to take your revised paper and create a final draft. If you plan on handwriting this be sure to have a Black/Blue pen in hand because most instructors nowadays will not accept pencil. Don’t ask me why, I never bothered asking. Personally I find typing the final is much easier and it is preferred by teachers. Be sure to write your name, class, and date at the top left of your paper, Indent for every new paragraph, number your pages, and if asked to put your papers in the proper order remember it’s, Final draft, Rough draft with revisions, and prewriting.
If you find that my strategy to writing doesn’t suit your style then feel free to find your own path. There is multiple ways to write, not just one. This is one of the myths in, “A Troubles Shooting Guide for Writers” by Barbra Fine Clouse. Just be sure not to sit around waiting for inspiration. Before you know it, your papers due date will come up and you’ll be sitting there with a blank paper.

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