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Writing A Successful Essay

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When writing an essay it is imperative that to start with a plan, no matter what kind of essay; narrative, descriptive, expository or persuasive; the same steps are necessary to write a successful essay. These steps are as follows: ask a question, gather info that is relevant to the topic, develop a strong thesis that answers the question, outline, create a body; the body should support your thesis and give the reader a better understanding of your topic, and finally a conclusion that should neatly wrap up the ideas found within your essay. Following these steps are essential to writing a successful essay.

The first and perhaps most important parts of the essay writing process are, asking a question, and developing a thesis statement. The question gives the author a coherent topic, without first questioning what it is they want to communicate within the essay the author has no topic or starting point. Once answered the writer can begin developing their thesis; a thesis ...view middle of the document...

The questions the author must ask themselves when developing a thesis are, does my thesis connect to the issue or topic and is my thesis a clear statement that stays on topic.

Following the thesis the introductory paragraph should outline how the author will support their thesis and should get the reader interested in your topic, to do this the introduction paragraph contain a "hook". The hook should draw the audience and is what gets them wanting to read more. The end of the introductory paragraph should contain a transitional "hook" which should create a smooth transition from the introduction into the body of the essay.

After the introduction, the author can then move on to the body of the essay; the body of an essay should reassess the thesis. The body should show the authors main point and should give the reader with all the necessary information to understand the topic and form an opinion. The first sentence in each body paragraph should relate to the paragraph before it, this "reverse hook" is necessary for each paragraph to flow smoothly into one another. The information given in the essay, provided by a reputable source, should offer examples that support the authors topic. Questions the author should ask themselves are, did my body support my thesis and was the information supplied within the body relevant and coherent.

After the body of the essay is complete, the author must find write the conclusion. The essays conclusion should restate the thesis, this ,however, the original thesis cannot be reused, the author should restate the thesis in a new way that is equally effective. The conclusion should clearly summarize the topics found within the essay, the last statement should leave the reader knowing that the paper has come to an end.

Have a clear plan is key to writing an essay, this plan will make sure the essay will be well-developed and will meet the criteria for a successful essay. All parts of the essay must work together to deliver the message within the essay, this begins with a strong thesis, the thesis is then supported by the body; backed by facts that are relevant to the message, and finally is neatly reviewed within the closing paragraph. These steps are crucial for writing an essay that the reader will enjoy and one that effectively communicates the information the author wishes to share.

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