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Reese 7
Theoretical Orientation
Kenya Reese
The University of the District of Columbia
CNSL 509-01
Counseling Philosophies & Practice
Dr. Wallace
November 27,2017
According to Sivil, “philosophical counseling, by virture of it association with philosophy, focuses on suffering that arises as a result of: fallacious thinking, conflicting values, disparity between belief and experience, conflicts between reason and emotions, crises of meaning, problem pertaining to personal identity, loss, disagreement, or change” (2009, p.2). The focus is improving the well-being and sense of an individual. As individuals, we experience many challenges in our daily lives. In order to deal with these challenges we respond in various ways. An individual’s response is based on the how they have been developing through the years. This means that individuals have developed skills, habits, coping mechanisms and more to help them whenever they are facing hard times.
When it comes to philosophical counseling, its aim is to help individuals in their time of need using various methods. For example, “It is clear that philosophical counseling is a practice aimed at improving our sense of flourishing, by reducing human suffering” (Sivil, 2009,p.10). Philosophical counseling aims to help clients become the best person they can be. For example, “the practice is directly concerned with accessing and assessing the personal worldview of the client; and it makes use of philosophical methods, skills and materials” (Sivil, 2009,p.10). The philosophical movement was created by Gerd Achenbach to be a powerful tool used by individuals to gain more understanding of the beliefs, thoughts, values and concepts that are used daily. This movement was created to make individuals more conscious of their lives, issues, and concerns. This happens through a dialogue in that helps them to be aware of their environment.
Individuals are able to become their best self by taking time to understand themselves more. This means that human beings are able to be self-determined. This allows for the individual to recognize their triggers. They are able to self-actualize by gaining a deeper understanding of who they are as an individual. The individual has developed characteristics that make them different and stand out more. These are characteristics that have been developed through experiences that shaped them into the person they are. They have developed their way of thinking, feeling, and acting which come naturally based on their interactions. They know how to apply certain critical thinking skills when faced with challenges. My view of human nature comes from Adler’s theory of personality and Gestalt therapy.
My theoretical orientation in counseling practice is a combination of Adler’s theory of personality and gestalt therapy. By using these two approaches with clients therapeutic process allows for understanding of clients behavior and challenges. As a counselor having an understanding of these...

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